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American Handgunner Nov/Dec 2012 Digital Edition - Page 68

pErsonal 1 3 tools to tamE tHE tErriBlE 4 p ersonal defense has several aspects. An obvious one is the law, but laws vary from state to state. It’s important to have at least a basic understanding of the laws pertaining to personal defense, what weapons may be used and where they may be carried — in your state. We all know the cliché, “Better to be tried by twelve than carried by six.” It’s even better to be exonerated by twelve than to spend a lifetime in prison. Better still is to have police and prosecutor decide no charges are warranted. Best of all is to never get into a situation where the law becomes an issue. Avoiding danger doesn’t mean pretending it doesn’t exist. It means being aware and alert. De-escalate. Defuse. Laugh off the minor indignities inherent in modern society. Walk away from a loudmouth. Holding yourself to a higher standard isn’t cowardice, it’s common sense. Remember the old wisdom: “A soft answer turneth away wrath”. In a 1942 Raymond Chandler novel, private detective Philip Marlowe counsels a man in his office, “A gun-toter oughtn’t to insult so easily. Better ditch it.” Use your imagination. Play the “What would I do if…?” game. You’re at a bank machine, it’s late and the streets are deserted. A scruffy looking man enters the little cubicle. What do you do? If he’s a mugger he’ll be on you before you can react. So do you produce a weapon and tell him to get lost? Maybe he’s just a guy looking to get out of the cold. Maybe he’s an undercover cop concerned for your safety. Not many good choices, are there? How about this: we do our banking in the daytime, when there are lots of people around. Somewhere I read an article on advice for sailors. Paraphrasing, it said “The worst possible situation for a sailing vessel is to be caught in a gale on a lee shore. The only way to survive such a situation is as follows: (1) never allow your vessel to be caught in a gale on a lee shore.” See how it works? davE andErson Idon’tbelieveinkeepingagununderthepillow,butIdokeepthisLockSAF closeby.Iunbolteditandclearedthefirearmbeforemovingitforthisphoto. WhenleavingthehouseIclosethelidtolockupthefirearm,andatnightusethefingerprintrecognitionpadtoopenitagain.InsightSystemsM6Xlight/laser,J-pointred dotsight,andacoupleofSureF\ireflashlightsprovidelotsoflighting/aimingoptions. Oniron-sightedpistolsusedforhomedefense,Iliketritiumnightsightinserts. trijiconsareasthesayinggoes,“goodasany;better’nsome.”Heretheyare onaNighthawkt3.Andremember,youstillneedalightbecausejustbecauseyou canseeyoursightsdoesn’tmeanyoucanseethetarget. 1 2 3 A peace officer friend over for coffee let me photograph the taser X26 he wearsonhisdutybelt.Privatecitizenscanpurchase(wherelocallawsallow) thesimilarM26model.Unlikehand-to-handcombat,stunguns,orbatons,tasers letyoustopathreatatadistance.tasersareverywellmade,theyaren’tcheap, 6 68 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • NOVEMBER/DECEMBER2012

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