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American Handgunner Nov/Dec 2012 Digital Edition - Page 50

I DoN’t HAte here’s Duke actually shooting one of his inglis P35 (hi Power) 9mms. tHe 9MM ANyMore DUKe ADMIts to tHe UNtHINKABLe … Duke in another silly hat shooting his World War ii MP40 submachine gun. Duke finds it interesting his P08 (luger) will reliably feed only roundnose bullets, while the P35 (hi-Power) functions perfectly with all sorts of 9mm factory loads and handloads. L pHotos: yvoNNe veNtUrINo MIKe veNtUrINo to help fulfill Duke’s collection of German World War ii infantry weapons, he added both the P08 and P38 to the growing mix. ike many of you, my firearms formative years were the 1960s. In gun magazine articles back then big bore revolvers reigned supreme, .45 Autos were accepted and 9mms in general were despised — so were .38 Specials. As best I can remember about the only American made 9mm pistols then were Smith & Wesson’s Model 39 and Colt’s 1911 Commander. Otherwise 9mm pistols floating around in our country were military souvenirs brought home from two world wars or military surplus stuff from the same countries, with a handful of rare imported specialty pistols. Most were made in Germany or Spain. In Duke has taken the trouble to sight in his 9mm pistols. this group was fired offhand at 50' with one of his inglis P35s. the flyer was the last of the five shots fired. these are some of Duke’s current 9mm handloads shown with a 115-grain fMJ factory load at far left. next is a 120-grain rn cast bullet from lyman mould #356242 and a loaded round. Middle is a 124-grain cast bullet (Oregon trail) with a loaded round. At right is a 115-grain fMJ from Zero Bullet company with a loaded round. 50 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • NOVEMBER/DECEMBER2012

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