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American Handgunner Nov/Dec 2012 Digital Edition - Page 49

vErBotEn! 4 carrierandtheMongooseG2brushforeffective cleaningofcopperdepositsandotherfouling. Neat,completeandpricedsweet! Beat the ban on lithium batteries! Buy your grunt the most versatile compact lighting system designed for combat use — Streamlight’sSidewinderCompactII,whichruns oneitheralithiumCR123A,alithiumAA,or,a standard alkaline AA battery! then, send lots of alkaline AAs before they’re banned too. Four separate light sources including IR and ergonomic controls easily operable without “eyeballs-on,”lowtohighoutputandadouble-clickstrobemode, allinashock-suppressedunitwhichattachestohelmets,headstrapsoranyMOLLEgear. forBiddEn BECausE. WEll, BECausE tHEy say so! 7 6 7 Weirdpicture,huh?that’saPovidone-Iodineswabstickandpreppad.Justabouteverywherewehave boots ontheground,eventhesmallestnickorcutcan leadtoanastyinfection,andPovidone-Iodineisthebest preventative treatment — but hard to get. the best and cheapest source I’ve found is Allegro Medical online, offering 50 individually sealed PVP-I swabsticks (#560407) and 100 PVP-I prep pads (#560405). keep some and send lots! Go online and check out my “Connor’s Med kit”WebBlastformoreinfo. pork or pork By-products: the administrationhasbannedsendinganyporkproductsofanykind toourtroopsdeployedinanycountrywithasignificant population of, um … people who may be offended. that covers just about everywhere we have boots on the ground. So, no more bags of bacon-bits, no fried pork rinds, none of those juicy 1-pound canned DAk hams, and none of the “golden fleece of grunt-gifts,” Yoder’s canned precooked bacon strips! We could say whothepossibly-offendedfolksare,butnamingthem as possibly offended may possibly be offensive, and even you reading this could also be offensive, so stop readingandforgetitifitscaresyou,okay?Asforme offending someone by writing it, I’ll take my chances withadeath-decreefatwah.Onthebrightside,looking forwardtocominghometoabigBLt—heavyonthe “B”—isexcellentsurvivalincentive,ain’tit? lithium Batteries & devices with integral lithium Batteries:thisprohibitionapplies toallmailgoingtoourAPOandFPOaddressesworldwideandincludesjustaboutanydeviceprecededbya lowercase“i”likeiPhones,iPads,iPodsetc.,computer batts,GPSdevices,cellphones,mostchargingdevices, MP3 players, most handheld games, Bluetooth headsets,portableDVDplayersandjustaboutanythingelse thatoffersourwarriorspersonalcommunications,recreationandalittlediversion.Governmentspokes-organisms say this “brings USPS into compliance with the regulationsoftheInternationalCivilAviationOrganization and the Universal Postal Union.” Never heard of ’em?they’retentaclesofthe—whoelse?—United Nations,whichcollectionofhighlypolishedfootballbats inNewYork. PIHP (Persons In High Places) assures the troops they can still purchase lithium batteries and lithiumpowereddevicesattheirlocalPX/BXstores.Yeah,right. Ask a grunt on a rock in WhereZitStan 40 clicks from Wats-dis-Placehowthatworksforhim. there’slotsofargumentproandcononthepotential hazard factor, but to my knowledge, no credible evidenceofanairdisasterlinkedtotransportofproperlypackagedlithiumbatteriesordevices.Ismellsome kinda“followthemoney”situation.Atthiswriting,the ICAO says limited transport of some lithium battery devicesmaybeallowedinearly2013.Weshallawait the ruling with bated breath — andclenchedteeth. the CQB tool by Spartan Blades USA was developed at the request of USSOCOM as a “GetOffa’Me!”knifeforusewhenawarriorislocked inmortalcombatsoclosethatneithercombatantcangetamuzzlebetweenthem,andit’s theperfecttoolforthejob.thinbutstrongandsuperblyergonomic,it’s7"of154CMsteel andaterrificChristmasgift! For more info: and click on the company name. 8 5 3 * WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM 49

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