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American Handgunner Nov/Dec 2012 Digital Edition - Page 48

gifts for grunts 8 2 tHE grunts gift guidE for 2012 JoHn Connor started writing a plea to remember our troops deployed overseas at Christmastime — and then paused and thought about who I’m talkin’ to here. With you folks, there’s no pleading necessary: you know, you remember and you give. For many of you, sending “CARE Packages” is routine, and as December approaches, the only difference is you tuck a Christmas card into those parcels. If you’re sending to family or friends, you know what they need. If you want to send to “friends you haven’t met yet,” I strongly urge you to go to It’s a family-operated 501c3 outfit dedicated to getting the most-needed support to our deployed personnel from from tHE HomE front to tHE tip of tHE spEar i all the services: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. Requests come directly from the troops and, believe me, their needs vary wildly depending on exactly where they’re deployed under what conditions, and the makeup of their units. Pay special attention to AnySoldier’s “What to Send,” “What not to Send,” and holiday shipping info. Please be aware too in 2012, for the first time in AnySoldier’s decade of service, they’ve run into debt. It’s a straight up worthy outfit, so I hope you’ll consider a donation to them as well. That’s what I want for Christmas, so never mind sending me those fuzzy slippers! Connor OUT Jim toner is a hardcore handgunner, head honcho of toner Machining technologies,andabigsupporterofourtroops. Jim had them in mind, along with cops and outdoorsmen, when he designed the tMt Wallet. Made of a rugged proprietary polymer, it’s O-ring sealed, it floats, and is packedwithfeatureslikeapen,tweezers,toothpick, compass, a glass breaker, hidden compartments andmore;toomuchtolisthere.thetMtWalletislight and compact, but has lots of room for a grunt’s most cherishedgoodies. 1 4 6 5 the troops love their iPhone 4s and so do I. Great device, but I quickly went through three “skins” — casesfor’em—andtheyweretooflimsyortoobulky,too slippery, or they interfered with the controls. then I tried theBattleCasefromStrikeIndustriesandhaven’ttakenit off.Slimbuttoughandgrippy,eventhefeatureIthought mightbecheesy—the“rapidreload”loop—turned outtobeextremelyhandy.Availableinblack,ODand FDE,eachcomeswithtwoscreenprotectorsandthere’s evenanoptionalkevlarinsert,nottostopbullets,but forincreasedshockprotection.Ifyourgruntgifteehas aniPhone4or4S,it’stheperfectaddon. 2 3 Built virtually “grunt-proof” for use in the harshest environments, tuff-Writer’s Frontline Series tactical Pens make great gifts. Precision machined from 6061-t6 aluminum and hard anodized to military specs,they’resmoothwritersandtoughdefensivetoolstoo.Pressurized Fishercartridgesperformatanyangle,evenupsidedown,justlikesome soldiersweknow! thequalityandeffectivenessofcleaningkitsfromOtistechnologiesis unquestioned,andtheirnewMSR/ARCleaningSystemisthemostcompletecompactdedicatedsetupforM16sandM4sIknowof.Here’severything atriggerpullerneedsforafastfieldcleaningordeepmaintenancebackat base,includingspecializedtoolsliketheBONEtoolforcleaningtheboltand “AGraymanknifeforeveryGrunt”isagreatgoal,andthistrio offers three terrific options. You’ve seen and read about their tank-tough titanium folders, the 4" blade Satu and 3" blade Dua in past issues ofHandgunner,butdon’toverlookthenewlyredesigned6" fixed-blade Ground Pounder. the 1/4" thick 1095 steel blade andheavydutyG10handlescalesmake ittoughenoughforanyfieldorfightingtask. 48 1 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • NOVEMBER/DECEMBER2012

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