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American Handgunner Nov/Dec 2012 Digital Edition - Page 47

the canik 55 is a 14-shot 9mm with adjustable sights. note how the classic cZ lines show the lineage of the canik. J. b. wood AffordAble 9mm Powerhouse ome of the new polymer-frame 9mm pistols are marvelous, and their light weight is great for all-day carrying. But, have you ever wished for the feel of something all steel that would sit solidly in your hand? How about a compact CZ75 clone, with a 13-round magazine and ambidextrous controls, at a modest price? Thanks to Century International Arms, here it is. It’s the Canik 55 Stingray-C, made in Turkey at a factory with an ISO9000 rating, and it’s beautifully made. The only non-steel parts are the finely checkered grips and the magazine follower. The magazine, I noticed, was made by Mec-Gar in ltaly, and is of the highest quality. The cold-forged barrel is chromed, and the over-all finish of the other parts is a durable matte black. the DA and SA trigger pulls are excellent. The manual safety lever blocks the sear and the slide, and can be applied in all hammer positions. The off-safe movement is a natural downward movement. An automatic internal safety, cleared in the last fraction of trigger movement, blocks the firing pin. The extended slide latch is accessible without changing the shooting hold, and the square-picture sights have three white dots, with the rear sight fully adjustable. On top of the slide, an indicator rises when the chamber is loaded. This part is clearly labeled “INDICATOR” in white, and, for those of limited literacy, a picture of a cartridge at the front. I tried the Canik 55 with four different loads, three of them hollowpoints, and functioning was perfect. The cartridges were from Black Hills, Winchester, Cor-Bon and Hornady. Firing was at 7 yards and 25 yards standing, mostly with a 2-hand hold. Groups were 3.25" to 3", well centered, all in the black of the Champion J.B. said the canik shot modern hP loads per fectly. its all-steel design made recoil a modest proposal. Ran Fine Controls In addition to having manual safety and slide latch levers on both sides, the magazine release button can be easily reversed. The well-shaped trigger has no annoying vertical ridges, and both takedown is classic cZ75 and shows the robust design. VisiShot targets. There was one remarkable 25-yard target, fired with a 1-hand hold, using the Black Hills 147-grain subsonic load. It measured just a hair under 3". I will note I have always found this load to be supremely accurate. And, the Canik 55, as noted earlier, sits very solidly in the hand. Actually, all of the cartridges (CorBon DPX, Hornady Critical Defense and Winchester Silvertip) did well. Even with the high-performance loads, the felt recoil was moderate. Not surprising, as this compact 9mm weighs almost the same as a .45 GM-1911. After that comment, one of the big-bore guys might suggest you should just carry a 1911. But my answer would be the Canik 55 holds 14 rounds, and has a suggested retail price of just a little over $500. Among all of the other new stuff, it’s a standout. For more info: (561) 265-4530, www. * A good gun like the canik 55, a knife like the crkt Vertex and a light like ASP’s new rechargeable Sapphire Mini-light is about all you need. 47 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM

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