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American Handgunner Nov/Dec 2012 Digital Edition - Page 20

REALITYCHECK TM FIrst-persoN tHoUGHts oN sUrvIvING IN tHe reAL worLD cLINt sMItH running on the verge of th all-things zombie now ut a Zombie Apocalypse. wi ue rig int the st ere int ity talks abo note with mild tment of Homeland Secur major manufacturers are producing rampant. Even the Depar and , ing get tar k, yet I’ve e zombie s is a bit of tongue-in-chee If that isn’t enough, we hav thi pe ho ly on I . ent l ipm ing to sel a product. ombie equ zombie ammo and anti-z know marketing people will come up with anyth eatedly while chewing rep t h to been around long enoug of this as a joke, then some buck-naked guy is sho s About the time one think guy in Miami. What a zoo. through the fog of ed nak r the and interestingly enough, ress some of the ano , ng thi vie the face off mo bie zom the to add Doing research, I watched of points that caught my interest. So, let’s try are not bad ones. ple as cou ide a t the fac of e in are som re ly, nk the Fra bull, es for fighting zombies.” salient points of “the rul s e i b m o Z i some rules Cardio: Physical fitness is a point of interest to me and I’m always pointing out to my students physical conditioning is not a bad idea. If you’re overweight or somehow otherwise impaired, you can anticipate the zombies — as well as other types of bad guys — would take advantage of you. Remember, prime animals in a sense might actually make clint feels all this zombie non up and train to fight pretend zombies, herd are not generally the ones the anced r gea ht apply. Supressor by Adv sense at some level. if you — the same rules just mig wolves or zombies attack. The old, ingfield bies Spr zom l a rea t and figh AcP to .45 ning in you’re also trai Model 325 revolver S&W M, weak, young, infirmed or injured ASY and es. e nki Bor twi h falo ract zombies wit Armament, ammo by Buf are primary targets. In warfare, even medicine! note: You can dist AcP … all certified zombie .45 in xD damaged bombers over Germany that fell from formation were pounced on by swarms of fighters. Easy marks are eaten. threat is down in a fight. The only problem with this is what if two rounds are not enough? I say, shoot the threat until the fight is over. If it’s one round, so be it. If it’s two, three or five, stay behind the gun and sights and shoot until the problem is solved. You brought the ammo, use it. double tapping: Conceptually I get it; make sure the When In Doubt? KiCK-ass partner: Always have friends who have guns, always travel with friends who have guns. If I could go to dinner with Robbie Leatham I would. If you have friends who don’t have or carry guns get rid of them. If you have friends who know you carry a gun and they don’t, trust me — some day in a public place they’ll volunteer you for a fight you don’t want to be in. Get a good partner, practice and train. Make sure your friends have guns, and they know how to use them he actual statement is: “When in doubt, know a way out.” Most excellent advice, if you ask me. If you go to restaurants or public places have a route of escape, have the same thing for your car and your place of work. Remember, zombies — and bad guys — attack places like malls, churches, restaurants and more. They attack schools and old people in wheel chairs in homes, for crying out loud, how low is that? So the wise and prudent would have a route out of wherever you are. A few more to leave you with: Check the back seat. Have some modicum of personal awareness. Hone your personal tactics and skills. Always have a backup. Watch for zombies. And don’t be a hero. For more info: and click on the company name. T * 20 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • NOVEMBER/DECEMBER2012

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