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American Handgunner Nov/Dec 2012 Digital Edition - Page 113

FanCy WatCh C r eader Gary Jones makes pens from deer antlers, but there’s something special about his pens — he makes them out of your deer’s antlers! The name Antler Memory Pens means just that; let Gary make a high quality pen using antler material from a special deer you’ve taken. Then, every time you use your pen, you remember that hunt! A great gift for a kid’s first deer experience, or for any reason you like. Give Gary a call and tell him we sent you. Ph: (402) 326-3302 or antlermemories@ antler memory pens abot Guns introduced a lineup of no-holds barred, in-house manufactured 1911s a bit more than a year ago. To celebrate their first year, they’ve introduced an exclusive time keeper — the Cabot Guns Scrimshaw Watch. The antique ivory dial is hand-engraved scrimshaw by artist Darrel Morris, depicting the Cabot “Jones 1911” model. A high quality baseball leather strap and elegant but tough case complete the package. Each one is made to order, and takes 60 to 90 days to complete. At around $1,000, it’s time to put your birthday present order in now! or (855) 843-1911 only will the Investigator pen actually write, because of its solid copper and steel construction, it might also get you out of a jam. Using CNC and CADCAM technology, Rick’s shop carefully crafts each pen (also available in titanium, stainless, brass and aluminum) using design ideas he originally developed for his full-sized pens. The Investigator is a modular design, so the stainless steel “bullet” on one end is threaded into the pen body and can be removed. You can then substitute other ends Rick has developed, like the Warhead and Strike Bezel, configuring it exactly as you like. The Investigator pen also comes with an extremely rugged pocket clip. That’s a .45 ACP for size. About $80, and super-high quality. CALIFOrNIA GrIzzLIES Most of the Grizzlies: Back row l-r :Blake eames, Dylan lyons, lane ichord, kevin tandoc, James MacMillan, conar Braly and forrest Greenwood. front l-r: Morgan Owen, hollie Swenson, kayla Swenson, kasey nelson, Sagen Maddalena, Jake nelson, Shawn Bharadwaj he California Grizzlies is a junior service rifle team based in Jamestown in Central California. The members (currently 19) come from all over the state. The four young ladies and 15 young men range in age from 13 to 20 years old. The rules allow juniors to compete through their 20th year so the team is constantly changing as rookies are groomed from the farm “cubs” team and veterans “age out.” Veterans of the Grizzlies include Tyrel Cooper and David Bahten of the Army Marksmanship Unit; Cooper being the current Service Rifle National Champion. The Grizzlies compete with an accurized version of the M16/AR-15. Standard peep sights are required. They shoot from standing, sitting and prone in both rapid and slow fire. Their targets are engaged from 200, 300 and 600 yards. These kids do manage to clean their targets occasionally. That’s 20 shots in the 12" 10-ring at 600 yards! With iron sights no less. WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM T One aspect of living under California’s draconian gun laws could be a handicap to this team of marksmen. The AR-15 is deemed legal here if its magazine release is only operable with a tool, not your finger as it was designed. The rapid-fire stage requires a mag change to fire 10 shots in 60 seconds. To watch these kids use their chamber flags to manipulate the “bullet button” on their rifles is remarkable! They’ve overcome this ridiculous burden with perseverance and practice. In 2009 at the National Matches at Camp Perry, history was made by six Grizzly junior shooters. These juniors had set a new junior record in the Infantry Team Match, and finished first overall. They had out-shot the Army Marksmanship Unit and the Marine Rifle Team! A civilian team had not won since 1930, and juniors had never taken the trophy! The Grizzlies did well at Camp Perry in 2011 too, bringing home many awards and prizes, including three rifles. The team took first place honors in the Whistler Boy, Junior Rumbold and Junior Infantry Team Match. They also took 2nd in the Minute Man and 3rd and 4th in the Junior Rumbold. Individually there were too many awards to list. Of the top five nationally ranked juniors on the CMP website, the Grizzlies can claim two: Sagen Maddalena (#2) and Lane Ichord (#4). Here we have teenagers safely and expertly shooting what have been vilified as evil assault weapons. The Grizzlies compete against the finest marksmen in the world and bring home the trophies. Hard to believe they hail from the land of surf boards and movie stars. An American Handgunner “Hat’s Off” to the California Grizzlies — well done! * 113 theinsider t 1.6 ounces and 4¼" in length, Rick Hinderer’s “Investigator Pen” is a real a defensive weapon — but you can write with it. Using a Space Pen refill (writes upside down, under water and even in space if you’re an astronaut), not hinderer investigator Pen

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