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American Handgunner Nov/Dec 2012 Digital Edition - Page 104

GUNNYSACK roy HUNtINGtoN hile Secure Firearms Products have long been famous for their secure cases and remarkable array of steel targeting systems, they also like to dabble in accessories. They recently introduced me to two they developed, sure to come in handy for anyone with a 1911. Their 1911 Firing Pin Stop Tool is just that — an easy way to remove and replace this often fidgety bit on the back of the slide. Every 1911 owner wrestles with this bit, and not always successfully. It usually involves using their own combination of homemade tools (or the wrong tools!), three hands and often plenty of time spent on hands-and-knees (the gunsmith’s worship position), looking for bits that went “wang” when it got lose. The Stop Tool is simple and easy to use, and can keep things under control as you remove w secUre FIreArMs proDUcts the stop, freeing the firing pin, then keep things in control again as you put it all back. It also has the two common sizes of bushing wrenches. The 1911 Recoil Spring Tester is a simple way to test to see if you either have the right spring installed for the ammo you’re using, or if your existing spring is worn out. With springs available in all kinds of weights, factories tailor the recoil springs in stock guns to fit generic ammo likely to be used. If you opt for lower target loads, or gut-blasting powerful ones, you’ll probably need to swap out recoil springs. And, indeed, springs do take “sets” and wear, so this tester is a fast and easy way to see if your 18-pound spring is still delivering 18 pounds of performance. For more info: (800) 257-8744, secure 104 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • NOVEMBER/DECEMBER2012

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