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American Handgunner Nov/Dec 2012 Digital Edition - Page 1

tm Ayoob Files: NeWHAll CoP sHooTiNG $5.95 OUTSIDE US $9.50 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 201 2 ® Gen 4 VelocIty RuleS! Glock32 . 357 SIG a ha ri son Design r C u s 1911 Pa tom VAlu Ckage e oV e $3 R ,450 WIn Venturino: i Don’t hate the 9mm! Canik auto: affordable 9mm Grunt Gift Guide FOCUS Personal Defense reality CheCk: Zombies? Winning eDge: s&W m&P .22 gunnysaCk: Crimson traCe, streamlight Flooded Ammo: Ruined? DiAmoNDbACk Trio! Taffin Tests: Springfield Xd (m) 5.25 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM 9mm/.380

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