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American Handgunner Nov/Dec 2011 Digital Edition - Page 63

john Connor LiGhTs 3 2 5 hEy, Buddy — GoT A LiGhT? GETTinG ThE riGhT LiGhT for ThE riGhT joB T wo of my favorite tac lights are the Gladius Maximis from BLACKHAWK! and Insight Technology’s H2X Typhoon; but they’ve gotta be carried in holders, due to their easy-on tailcap switches. Dump one in a pocket, and you’d give a whole new meaning to “hot pockets” — imagine smokin’, flaming pockets! I routinely carry a teensy, ultra-handy Streamlight MicroStream clipped to a T-shirt collar, but when wearing a highcrew or mock-turtle collar, head movement can turn it on. Then I clip on a Fenix Light LDO1, featuring a twist-on switch and three levels of power. I keep one “intrinsically safe” spark-suppressed light at home, one in my go-bag and another in my Jeep — and the list goes on. There are some terrific all-around lights, but finding the right combination of features for specific tasks can and should be done. At the least, it’s more effective and convenient and in the long run, more economical. At most, it can save your life. 1 Here’sthelittlefenixLightLDO1mentioned.BarelybiggerthanitsAAAbattery, 1 itoffers9,28and85lumens,withruntimesfrom1houronmaxto11hours onlow.RememberwhenittooktwoCR123Abatteriestopumpout85lumens?It’s puts out 200 lumens on “high,”65morethanits predecessor,andhasmultiplemodes.Itscenter-loadedbeamwillreachout waterproof,anditsaircraftaluminumhousingistypeIIIhardanodized,weighing pastfortMudgeandprovideanavigation-level-widecorona.IftheSuper about8/10ouncetotal.Nomoreexcusesfornothavingalightonyou! tacXplayedbaseball,itwouldbeanMVp. th 4 suitedtothe“syringe-grip”handgun-and-lighttechnique,andsingle-output200 lumen LEDs. the Z2X housing is hard-anodized aerospace aluminum, and the G2ZXisconstructedofNitrolonpolymer.Blindinglybrightandbrute-tough,they deserveheirstotheCombatLightlegacy. It’stheCombatLight’s15 birthday,andSurefirecelebratedbyintroducing Whenthegridgoesdownandtheworldgoesdark(justaskHisEditor2 theZ2XandG2ZXmodels,thenewstandardsinCombatLights.Bothhave 5 ship,wholivesinjoplin),youneedlong-runningLEDutilitylanterns. the distinctive ergonomic reduced-diameter midsection and rubber grip ring On the left is eGear’s 10-Day Lantern, giving you 40 hours on high, 10 “Intrinsicallysafe”lightsarespark-suppressedforuseinpotentiallyvolatile 3 atmospheres,includinganaturalgasleakathomeorexplosivefuelfumes at an accident scene. the best of ‘em are UL Class 1 Div 1 rated. Energizer is a prime supplier of such lights to industry and emergency services. Betweenthetwoshown(thehandheld2DLEDandthe3AAHeadlight), you’vegotyouremergencybaseswellcovered.Betterto “click” and get illumination rather than “click” an’ goBOOM!…yathink? daysonlowandusingonlyfourD-cellbatteries.the300-lumenSportsman ExtremelanternbyRayovac(right)packstightbyfolding.threeDbatts provide150-hoursruntimeonlow,anditalsohasaflashingrescuemode. AtinygreenLEDabovethemainswitchblinksevery4seconds,soyoucan alwaysfinditinthedark. Malkoff Devices (a 1-man operation!) makes several com6 pletelightsaswellasdrop-inmodulestoreplacebulbsintwo other major brands, turning old-fashioned into mega-blaster. two models he manufacturers himself are the “Hound Dog” (left)andMD2;botharerobust,simple,exceptionallybright — as in “you’ve got to be kidding me!” bright — and offerperformancewindowsnotalwaysavailable onfactorylights.that’sa.44Magroundforsize. Streamlight’s introduction of C4 LED technology kicked performance several steps up the stairs, and now their X-series punts it all thewayuptothenextlanding.theC4SupertacX WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM 4 * 6 For more info: www.americanhandgunner. com/product-index and click on the company name. 63

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