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American Handgunner Nov/Dec 2011 Digital Edition - Page 8

SPEAKOUT headgear heresy YOUR FORUM TO PONTIFICATE, PONDER AND PROBE Let’sgetthisstraight,Iloveyouguys,toptobottom,buttheAugustissueofgunsforcedmetodothis. ItwasthepictureofDukeonpage54,loadingthefirstMp44heeverlaideyeson.WhatIwantedtosay seemedlikefightingwords,andIhelditbackuntilIgottheSept/Octissueofamerican Handgunner.Duke’s column(shooting Iron,“ALifetimeofHats”),setmeoff,andIcanholditnolonger.Duke—Elmerfudd called,hewantshishatback!Idon’twantanytrouble,butsomeonehadtosayit. DavidWalker ChapelHill,N.C. Flag Points may remain free and our flag untarI read your magazine each and every nished. Millions of men and women, month from cover to cover. I enjoy back to the Revolutionary War, served and find it very informative and enter- to create and defend the freedoms that taining. However, the article titled “Flag we enjoy today. Many gave the ultimate Flyers” (Insider, July/Aug 2011) put a gift to give us the freedom that we may burr under my saddle. fly our flag as each of us want. But we I spent several years in the United must truly understand what it means States Marine Corps missing Christmas, when we fly the Flag of the United Easter, birthdays, births and other holi- States of America. 12/16/08 9:04:18 days and PACT_postxmas_09_fixed.pdf family events. I served to A flagAM that is not torn, tattered,or defend our flag and country, that we tarnished means those who served have done so with great honor and defended country and flag for more then 235 years in an excellent manor. When we fly a flag that is in need of replacing we are not honoring those who serve and have served. As I type this with tears in my eyes, I am unable to understand why someone would fly our flag, which stands for the freedoms and rights we enjoy, in a manor in which does not bring honor to all who have defended it. While I 8 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • NOVEMBER/DECEMBER2011

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