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American Handgunner Nov/Dec 2011 Digital Edition - Page 77

Alan Korwin Are gun-free zones . gun free? o-called gun-free zones are typically a complete fraud. They are powerless signs on walls or pages in law books far, far away. They represent the misguided dreams of anti-rights bigots who foolishly believe written words make them safe. This thinking is irrational and demonstrates hoplophobia. Slapdash gun-free zones are perpetrated by idiots, backed by dimwit politicians and are the laughing stock of every lowlife, bottom-feeding, homicidally inclined criminal dirtbag on the planet. Gun-free zones are really make believe gun-free zones, a phrase you should learn to use. Atrocities constantly take place in make believe gun-free zones. No alternate form of security is provided; you are knowingly and recklessly made vulnerable — defenseless. That doesn’t stop liberals and leftist politicians — sometimes even many right-wing politicians — from creating more make believe gun-free zones; although they tend to leave out the accurate and revealing “make believe” part. They declare some place gun free, pass a law that goes into a book, maybe post a sign, pat themselves on the back and think they’ve done good. The fawning and ignorant urchins in the “news” media compliment them and declare the world safe. Then they drive home to their upscale communities, dismiss their private-armed guards for the night and have a first-rate slumber. These folks are too dangerous to be called morons. We k n o w p r e sumed gun-free zones put your safety at risk. One example after another where an armed psycho simply walks in and shoots up a place proves it: Ft. Hood, Columbine, Luby’s, Stockton, Virginia Tech, Tucson and dozens more. Every one of these, every single one, a make believe gun-free Continued on page 98 77 s Symbol of honest, competent, quality workmanship “LOOK FOR IT!” Member list $2.00 1449 Blue Crest Ln. San Antionio, TX 78232 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM

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