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American Handgunner Nov/Dec 2011 Digital Edition - Page 46

The GrunT’s GifT Guide 2011 ChrisTmas WarmTh for our Warriors John Connor i recently read that only 1 percent of US households have a family member in uniform serving overseas. But it seems to me that among Handgunner readers, that figure is far higher. In addition, we seem to have scads of readers who don’t have loved ones deployed forward, but still consider every soldier, sailor, leatherneck, wing-wiper and Coastie in harm’s way to be “one of their own” — and in their care. God bless you folks for that. Increasingly, our troops feel the American people have reached the end of their attention spans, and our warriors are fading from public consciousness. Let’s let them know they are not forgotten — not by us, ever. We’ve told you about numerous charities in the past and about ways to get gifts to our troops. Here’s another: visit From there, go to anyMarine, anyAirman, anySailor, anyCoastGuard. See their faces; read their wants and needs. It’s simple, straightforward and it’s the right thing to do. Make a grunt’s Christmas, and you’ll have made your own … and mine. Connor OUT. this fleece jacket from Woolrich Elite tactical is the 1 best snivel gear ever! “Snivel gear” refers to toasty-warm, intrinsically cool kit that makes those who don’t have it snivel: “Gee, wish I hadonea’those!”Softasacloud,andfully lined with lotsa’ zips and pockets; reduce thesnivelfactor! 1 2 6 3 for lots of our troops, iphone 4s and 3G/3GS 2 phones are their link to home, their music and games source and e-mail central device. Now our pals at Magpul havepolymerprotectivecasesfor’emthataretoughasthe troops who carry them. just find out which model your giftee uses,pickacolorandsend! thevetsatUSCavStoregivetheBruntonRestoreportablepowerpack 3 fivestars.Itchargescellphones,smartphones,Mp3players,ipods,GpS devices,digitalcamerasandmore.power-loadedbyitsownfoldoutsolarpanel, DCorUSBsources,it’slikehavingthepowercompanyinacargopocket.Getit fromCavStore,andthey’llsendittoanywhereontheglobeforya! 4 haveone!Sendadozenof‘emtoaplatoon,andthey’llsingsongsaboutyou ‘roundthemerryfireofaburned-outtaliban“technical”! In combat there are two things you never have too much of: ammo, and 6 emergency medical supplies. ResQ-pak makes the best trauma blowout bagsI’vefound.Stockedwithhemorrhage-stoppingHemConChitoGauze,aBolin pack,whichholdsuptoeightCR123,AAorAAAbatts,plusmemorycards. twosectionsslideaparttoseparatefreshandspentcells—makessense. tons of grunt gear runs on standard batts. But how do you carry 4 spares? … in Maxpedition’s Volta pack of course. A handy pouch, available in all current military colors, contains the multi-size plastic batt- ChestSeal,SWAt-ttourniquetandotheressentials,IrecommendtheLevel3bag fortroops.Usedtosaveabuddy’slife,Godblessyourgiftee;usedtosaveyour giftee’slife,Godblessyou! 5 partnered with America 4R Marines, Hoppe’s recently sent 5,000 of these cargo-pocket cleaning kits to Marines in Afghanistan. But that means there are over 100,000troopswhodon’t byOntarioknifeCompany,they’rebuiltforseriousserviceunderthe harshestconditions.C’mon,sendingasetof‘emwon’tbreakyou! troopsareissuedbayonetsandmanyhavededicatedfightingknives,butmore 7 andmoretheyneedshort,simple,strongutilityknivesandtoughfolders.the RAt-3fixedbladeandXMStrikefighterautofolderfillthoseneedsperfectly.Made * For more info: and click on the company name. 5 46 7 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • NOVEMBER/DECEMBER2011

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