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American Handgunner Nov/Dec 2010 - Page 32

Massad Ayoob Gift of Life: An UrbAn encoUnter Situation: Lessons: ArmedwithastolenColt.45auto,arobber sneaksuponacoupleintheirtruck. Apistolinthegloveboxisbetterthanno pistolatall…andthegiftofarmeddefense capabilitycanbethegiftofsurvival. Thiswillbeoneoftherare AyoobFilesentrieswherewedon’tgivethenamesofthe participants.Thedefendantisbelievedtohavehadgangties,andthearmedcitizenwho shot him is justifiably concerned revenge directed toward him could spill over against hislovedones.Heandhisbrotherwerecode-namedDavidandEricwhentheytoldtheir storyonMarkWalters’show, ArmedAmericanRadio,andthatwilldofornow.Ihavea completecopyofthereportontheshootinggeneratedbythebigcitypolicedepartment, which investigated it. If anonymity is granted to one side, it should be granted to the other,soI’llrefertothedeceasedasNoahKount. It was David’s incident, and Eric wasn’t there, but he played a significant part in the outcome. Each of the brothers shared the passion of their lives with one another. David,agiftedprofessionalmusician,taughtErictoplayaninstrument.Indoingso,he enrichedhisbrother’senjoymentoflife. Eric, in turn, is a grandmaster in IPSC/USPSA shooting, and taught David the safety andtacticsofshootingahandgun,andthevigilancethataccompaniedcarryingone.His doingso,asithappened,savedDavid’slife. the Stage is Set David’s city is an Eastern metropolis, one where “shall-issue” is state law, which allowed him to have a carry permit. His carry gun that night was a Smith & Wesson Military & Police standard size 9mm auto, he had borrowed from his dad. He and his girlfrienddecidedtogooutforasnack,afewdrinksandsomedancing.Ratherthanconsumealcoholwhilecarryinginabar,Davidleftthepistolintheglovebox;theyentered theestablishmentatabout9pm. A couple of hours passed uneventfully, and they left at approximately 11pm. Within those two hours, David had consumed a martini and two beers, then switched to Diet Coke, and ate plate of chicken wings. At 6'6" and 310 pounds, he wasn’t feeling any effectsfromthealcohol,butagainprudenceruled:hisgirlfriend,whohadconsumedno alcohol,woulddrivethemhome. David had just settled into the front passenger seat and closed the door when he noticedamanwalkingrapidlytowardtherightsideoftheirpickuptruck. confrontation David’s first thought was he was dealing with a panhandler. He rolled his window downthreeorfourinchesandsaid,“Makeitquick.” Hedidmakeitquick,butnotinthewayDavidhadhoped.Davidsawtheman’sright hand disappear. It was a movement consistent with going for a gun, but David wasn’t sure.Justincase,hesnatchedtheM&Poutofhisgloveboxinthedarknessofhiscar, andsurreptitiouslyhelditbetweenhisthighs. Continued on page 89 32 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • NOVEMBER/DECEMBER2010

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