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American Handgunner Nov/Dec 2010 - Page 22

WINNINGEDGE Dave Anderson SOLID ADVICE TO KEEP YOU AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION Typical 5-shot groups, hand-held over a sandbag rest at 25 yards. LiGhTweiGhT anik USA is importing handguns and rifles manufactured in Samsun, Turkey by Canik55. The company was established in 1998 making firearms for police and military, and has earned the prestigious ISO-9001 certificate for quality control. It’s the only privately owned handgun manufacturer in Turkey certified as meeting NATO quality standards. So they know what they’re doing. The pistol on consignment is called the C100 CB, by Canik USA, and is chambered for the 9mm. Its operating features are based on the classic CZ-75. Probably only the 1911 design has been more widely copied, and for the same reason — it works. Two 13-round double-stack singlefeed magazines made by Mec-Gar are supplied. Single-action trigger pull broke at around five pounds and was fairly good quality, with a bit of creep. Double-action pull was smooth at a bit over 12 pounds, and the finish is attractive hard chrome. The Canik design differs from the original in one small but important feature. With the Canik design, the manual safety can be engaged at any time. It doesn’t matter if the hammer is in the cocked, half-cocked, or in fully forward position. Police officers have told me they like the option of a manual safety. If an assailant gets hold of an officer’s gun the safety is one more line of defense. As one officer said, even if it takes the bad guy only two extra seconds to figure out the safety, I can cover a lot of ground in two seconds. Or more likely, use the time to access another weapon or defensive technique. Canik C100 Carry POwer C Built on the famous CZ-75 design, the C100 has an alloy frame and shortened barrel/slide and grip frame. Left: The original CZ-75 has been widely copied. In the background is a TZ-75, a well-made pistol from Tanfoglio on a steel frame. ShOOTinG T he CZ-75 operating design is well proven. The only question was, is this particular pistol a good rendition of the design? Is it well made? It certainly is. Quality of workmanship, parts fit and finish are excellent. The pistol has a solid, quality look and feel. There’s very little perceptible play in the fit of slide to frame or of the barrel. I was impressed. Generally, I put a minimum of 300 rounds through a test gun before submitting a review. Because this was an unfamiliar make, and also because I was having a lot of fun with it, the count through the C100 was more like 600 rounds. I did not experience a single failure of any kind. Several types of FMJ and JHP ammunition were used, from Black Hills to CorBon, Federal and Winchester. But keep in mind, I cleaned and lubed the pistol properly and used a strong firing grip. Autos do need a firm platform to recoil against to operate reliably. Accuracy was exceptional for a nce the round count hit 300 without a failure, I wore the C100 as my CCW for a few weeks, in a belt-slide holster supplied by Canik USA. To adapt Clint Smith’s dictum, I found it both comfortable and comforting, especially due to the lightweight alloy frame. Happily in all those weeks, I never had to shoot a single bad guy. I had three minor criticisms, one esthetic and one, which has already been addressed. Esthetically and philosophically I could do without the warnings stamped on the slide. Once the pistol was holstered and covered by a jacket, I simply 22 Carry Gun compact centerfire autopistol. Compacts are not inherently less accurate, just harder to shoot accurately due to a shorter sight radius and less weight. The pistol gave 5-shot, 25 yards groups in the 2" range from a sandbag rest. I keep hearing how accuracy doesn’t matter in a personal-defense pistol. Look, I don’t test accuracy because I expect to have to make headshots at 50 yards, or shoot squirrels for dinner, well okay, I might want to shoot squirrels. I test for accuracy because it is a very efficient way of estimating overall quality. If an autopistol is accurate, it means barrel bore and groove dimensions, chamber and headspace are within tolerances. It means barrel, slide and frame fit are precise enough so the barrel is locking up consistently. If groups are shot from a sandbag rest it means the sights and trigger are at least good enough for deliberate use. My job as a reviewer is to provide an opinion on quality and reliability. What readers choose to do with the information is their business. I really don’t care whether users want to shoot squirrels, shoot pie plates or use the gun as a paperweight. O refused to think about it and all was well. The edges of the magazine well aren’t beveled, though tapered double-stack magazines don’t often hang up anyway. The test gun, an early model, had a rather small front sight integral with the slide. Current production uses a dovetailed front sight giving the owner options. Canik USA plans to offer options of HiViz fiber optic or Meprolight tritium front sights. For more info: * WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • NOVEMBER/DECEMBER2010

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