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American Handgunner Nov/Dec 2010 - Page 107

GUNNYSACK I Roy Huntington TUF-CLOTH & TUF-GLIDE try to refrain from covering too many wonder-lubes and such, because many are the same, and frankly, most do a fine job and I wouldn’t waste too much time worrying about which one to pick if you have some on-hand already. But now and again, some things do stand-out. From my years in the field as a uniformed cop, I learned how “wet” lubes attracted dirt, grit and dust while your gun rode in an open holster. An ankle gun was an even cruddier matter. I long ago switched to more “dry-based” lubes when possible. The other thing I’ve always wrestled with was the toxic-waste fingerprints left by guests who wanted to look at some of my guns. For some reason, I’m blessed with fingers that don’t seem to rust gun steel. But we all know of others who can simply walk by your gun safe and leave a trail of rusticles, making your favorite Model 29 look like the bow of the Titanic. Enter Sentry Solutions and their TUF-CLOTH and TUFGLIDE lube. I live in an area of the country that can get, well, let’s just say humid enough you need water wings to walk outside. I was very concerned about my guns after coming from the dry-safety of Southern California. I’ve been using a TUF-CLOTH in my gun room here for almost two years now, wiping things down now and again and have not had a single problem. Nada, zilch, zippo … nary a worry. It doesn’t leave a greasy surface, smells like it’s doing something and just plain works as advertised. Their TUF-GLIDE has rapidly turned into a favorite lube for me. Many of our guns live on dusty ATVs and tractors or get tossed into the bed of our E-Z-Go utility vehicle and are dust magnets. TUF-GLIDE is a non-petroleum lube that dries fast and works great and keeps the grit at bay. All of this stuff has been battle-proven the world over. For more info: Shotshell Hunting Line The Fiocchi Tundra Tungsten compound is the breakthrough innovation in waterfowl hunting. Deforms like Lead, can be used with ALL chokes AND is non toxic. Available in 9.5 g./cc (superior weight to Bismuth) and 12.5 g./cc (superior weight to lead). For the Fiocchi dealer near you, Call 417.449.1043 / visit WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM 107

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