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American Handgunner Nov/Dec 2010 - Page 106

GUNNYSACK O Roy Huntington ver the years I’ve always admired the stout, heavily-built synthetic cases most manufacturers use to transport display guns to trade shows, writer-events and sales calls. They make those semi-flimsy plastic gun cases you find at the box stores look like thin cardboard shoeboxes. The ones I’m talking about can hold up an SUV, are usually waterproof and airline baggage-handler proof, and that says a lot right there. They are lockable and the latch systems are always rough and ready. What’s funny is while I’ve always admired them, I’ve never owned one! I broke down and finally got this 5-Pack gun case from GunCruzer. For a trip to the range, travel or simply for safe-keeping of your “bestest” handguns, you just can’t go wrong. This is a life-time investment and something you will certainly pass on to your kids! At about $194 at full retail, it’s not cheap, but then again, it may be holding thousands of dollars worth of your hard-earned hardware, so why skimp? It’s like riding a $30K motorcycle and wearing a garage sale helmet you bought for $5. Gimme a break, will ya? While my box holds five handguns and 10 magazines, they make other varieties. The cut-outs hold a wide range of handguns from Colts to H&Ks, just about any auto short of a Desert Eagle .44 Magnum or a TC Single Shot with a long barrel. You get the drift. There are also foam plugs that can keep smaller guns snug as a bug. You can toss a silica gel container into one cutout if you’re smart, especially if you use it for long-term storage. It’s 8.1x16.8x20.6" and weighs 12 pounds empty. Told you it was brawny! Sleep soundly at night knowing your favorite iron is safe and sound. For more info: 5-PACK HANDGUN CASE 106 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • NOVEMBER/DECEMBER2010

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