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American Handgunner Nov/Dec 2010 - Page 105

GUNNYSACK LANYARD LORE Roy Huntington he old adage about “I’d forget my head if it wasn’t attached to my neck” is even more applicable for me today. As I get older and tend to forget my own name on occasion. Since moving to the great state of Missouri onto some forested land, I find myself toting a bigbore handgun a great deal. Not always because I need to, sometimes just because it’s fun. And keeping that adage in mind, I got a lanyard (complete with snap) from old friend Hamilton Bowen of Bowen Classic Arms. We all know Hamilton as that guru of all things bigbore, and elegant handgun work of all sorts, but he’s one of the stronger proponents of the lanyard for keeping your handgun around so it doesn’t depart for the nether regions. Here, said lanyard is attached to the .45 Colt S&W that most keeps me company. So says Hamilton: “Gun retention is a vital concern for handgunners in risky environments. Lanyards and lanyard rings are still the best way to keep control of your sidearm when on horseback, around water or in hostile circumstances. While many regard lanyards and lanyard rings as old fashioned, Bowen Classic Arms believes they are as important as ever and produce several lanyards and lan- T yard ring studs which, with appropriate modifications, will fit virtually any revolver.” And since a decent lanyard ring without a lanyard is a waste of time, Hamilton offers a very high quality reproduction of that classic British military lanyard designed to be looped around the neck and under your arm. They are plenty long for even taller shooters, and allow you the panache to say, “unhand her you ruffian!” as you point your bigbore Enfield at the miscreant. Keeping in mind it’s about style too, not just practicality, I offer up a healthy vote for this all-time classically British bit of handgun accessorizing, and all for less than $30 with the clip. “Watson, get your coat, the game is afoot!” For more info: STOP THE THREATTM Winchester® PDX1 410™ Ammunition For Personal Defense When it comes to the safety of you or your family, choose the shotshell load that delivers a threat-stopping combination of two distinct personal defense technologies: PDX1 410™. Highly effective in both shotguns and 410 compatible handguns like the Taurus Judge®, the 410-gauge Supreme Elite® PDX1TM features a distinctive black hull and high-base head and combines three plated Defense DiscTM projectiles and 12 pellets of plated BB shot. The result is the ideal personal defense load for short range engagement with the performance needed to stop threats. ©2010 Winchester Ammunition

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