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American Handgunner Nov/Dec 2010 - Page 62

The M22 is about a medium-sized .22 auto, with features normally on a fullsized duty-type handgun. Photo below: Sam said the M22 ran fine from the get-go with HV ammo, but until broken-in, had a few glitches with standard velocity, as per the manual’s warning it needed 500 rounds to break-in. SAM FADALA olfram Kriegleder, who designed the P22 pistol for Walther, decided to strike out on his own. He formed the International Shooting & Security Consultants (ISSC) company in Austria and immediately took to the drawing board. One of his goals was a small-caliber pistol with the same handling characteristics as a full-size military, law enforcement, or home protection semiauto. The result was the M22 Quad-Family which reached the shores of America in 2009 through ISSC-USA. ISSC Handels GmbH Austria manufactures Kriegleder’s little masterpiece, now readily available to the American handgunner. Extreme safety was the first order of design. To that end, the M22 comes with Take down is virtually identical to anyone familiar with a Glock. The ejection port is wide and open to clear the trash out! W AUSTRIAN .22 FUN-GUN 62 a tiny key that locks the trigger even if an unauthorized shooter should manage to load the pistol. I was reminded of why my father never owned a gun until my brother and I bought him one in his early fifties. Dad, as a kid, sneaked his father’s .45 Auto out of the house. He and a pal ran to an underpass to shoot the gun. Dad playfully aimed the pistol at his friend’s head after dropping the magazine. For some reason he was prompted to switch his aim away. Bang! There was a round up the spout. Lock the trigger of the M22, hide the key, and such mischief is abated. Add to the list a manual safety decocker design; integral trigger safety; magazine safety (pistol will not fire with magazine removed); automatic internal drop safety — hammer falls only when WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • NOVEMBER/DECEMBER2010

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