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American Handgunner Nov/Dec 2010 - Page 111

CLASSiFied ACCESSORIES ACCESSORIES AMERICAN HANDGUNNER ACCESSORIES Classifiedads$2.00per-wordperinsertion.($1.50per-wordperinsertionfor3ormore)includingname,addressandphonenumber(20 wordminimum).Minimumcharge$40.00.Bold words add $1.00 per word.CopyandrerunordersmustbeaccompaniedbyPayMent in advanCe. no aGenCy or CasH disCounts on ListinG or disPLay CLassiFied advertisinG.Alladsmust bereceivedwithadvancepaymentBYNOlATERTHANTHE1stofeachmonth.Adsreceivedafterclosingwillappearinthefollowingissue. Pleasetypeorprintclearly.PLease note*** no ProoFs wiLL Be FurnisHed.Includename,address,postoffice,city,stateand zipcodeascountedwords.Abbreviationscountasonewordeach.MailtoamerICan handgunnerClASSIfIEDS,12345WorldTradeDrive, SanDiego,California92128.note: we now Have disPLay CLassiFied ads in BotH gunS mAgAZine and AmericAn HAndgunner. asK For our new rate Card, or call (858) 605-0235. TM FREE CATALOG!Makeyourownkydexgun holsterorknifesheath.Over1200items.Visitwww. knifekits.comorcall1-877-255-6433today. The World's Best Gun Cleaning Cloth Silicone on sheepskin Sheepskin gun cloth Leaves a lasting shine Helps to prevent rust Clean and protect your guns Use every time you shoot & handle your gun Gets in the many "Nooks & Crannies" that an ordinary Flannel can not AMMUNITION APPAREL THE BELTMANmakessturdy,topquality,DUAL LAYER,BullHidebeltsfordresswear,concealed carry,orcompetition.Optionsinclude:Horse,Shark, Elephant,Velcro,tapering,stiffeners,etc.Handmadeinthreewidths,andfivecolorsfrom$69.95, anylength!Catalogue-$3.00(refundable)PO Box1302,Apex,NC27502.919-387-1997.www. to order 770-710-1356 Please Visit BOOKS FOR SALE MacKENZIE VALLEY TIMBERWOLVES 1/2 wolf-1/2 shep. cubs bred for protection, or 3/4 and up cubs. Have a true friend. own a wolf-shepherd. Brochure with 20 photos-$5.00 CHARLES DYSART, JR. BOX 597 Henrietta, NC 28076 (828) 657-6220 or Cell: 828-429-0053 Wolf-Shepherd Male, 160 lbs. INSTRUCTION UTAH FIREARMS+TACTICALTRAINING.INFO @WWW.COMBAT-TERROR.COM LEATHERCRAFT MISCELLANEOUS WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM 111

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