American Handgunner May/June 2013 Digital Edition - Page 97

roy huNtiNgtoN GUNNYSACK ugging most sports gear bags to the range is a pain. The majority are floppy, have uncomfortable handles and are fulla’ black holes things disappear in never to return. Competitive Edge Dynamics and Double Alpha Academy have raised the bar to tippie-toe heights for the competition when it comes to range bags, so listen up. Their RangePackPro isn’t a bag at all, but a backpack. They’re comfy to carry over longer distances, like on big IPSC ranges. Most sorta’ “tactical” backpacks (whatever that is) aren’t designed specifically for range work, so end up being a compromise. Pockets sorta fit things, and once again, the main compartment tends to swallow gear, making it hard to sort through. Plus, once you plonk ‘em down, they tend to fall over. Arrgh. The new CED/DAA RangePackPro was designed by actual shooters, specifically for IPSC/USPSA and IDPA raNge pack pro l shooters. It’s designed to stand upright on its rubberized waterproof base, and is full of purpose-designed compartments and pouches. Starting with the large lockable upper compartment, which includes a detachable 7-pocket magazine pouch, other pockets hold a mag-brush (included), hearing protectors and a pouch to store the included combination cable lock. There’s even a pocket designed for the multipurpose-included plastic utility box you can fill with your own goodies. The structured cover of this upper compartment includes a zippered pocket for papers, business cards, and pens as well as elastic straps for additional tools and widgets. The back panel is designed with dense padding and it has contoured, wide, padded shoulder straps to keep things comfy even if loaded with 40 pounds of your stuff. It also includes a rain cover, stored away in a concealed pocket, designed to protect the backpack even while being worn. The large lower compartment has a hard plastic shell, and is what gives the whole thing some structure. This lower compartment can hold 500 rounds of ammo, plus two zippered pistol sleeves, or up to 1,000 rounds and one pistol sleeve. Whew! About $200. For more info:, (800) 628-3233 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM 97

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