American Handgunner May/June 2013 Digital Edition - Page 48

AirguNs & 2 DON’T leT The KiDs hAVe All The FuN! JOhN cONNOr 4 W hen I was a kid, I didn’t get my first BB rifle until after I had already burned up a ton of my dad’s .45 ACP and .30-06 ammo. I guess he thought it was a cost-cutting measure. But, given his military “supply channels” versus the flood of BBs my pals and I put through that little lever action — with every single BB having to be shipped from the States to the western Pacific — I’m not sure he saved much! With the cost of ammo skyrocketing, that’s a sound reason for you to check out airsoft and airguns, and there’s another reason: Fun! You’ve actually got more choices in air-powered guns than you do in powder-burners, so this is a very limited look at what’s available. Check ‘em out, and happy hunting! WMR,butit’saquality-madefaithfulreproduction —andfun!PoweredbyaCO2cartridge,velocity is450fps,andthepricerunsabout$100. 1 Kel-tec’s “real” PMR-30 is a radically different, way cool design — andaboutashardtogetyourhandsonasapurpleunicorn.Igaveup myyearlongquestforone.thenIgottoplaywithsOCOMGear’slicensed airsoftcopy.Itshoots186mmairsoftbbspermagversus30roundsof.22 1 If you want paper-punching precision and small-crittercrackin’ power, try Crosman’s 2300s. It’s a bolt-action singleshot CO 2 airgun with a 10.1" Lothar Walther rifled steel match barrel, single-stage adjustable trigger, a Williams rear sight, and you can adjust velocity of its .177 lead pellets from 440 to 520 fps. Designed for metallic silhouette competition, it gets five stars from both competitive shooters and varmint slayers. It lists for $253.99, and to quote one pleased user,“spendthemoney,becauseit’swellworthit.” Hey,smith&WessonM&Pfans,thislooksfamiliar doesn’tit?Yup,butthisone’saCO2-poweredsemiauto steel bb-shooter from Umarex UsA. It’ll empty a 19-shotdrop-outmagazineaboutasfastasyoucanpull thetrigger,pushin’’emoutat480fps.Fiberopticsights, 2 3 48 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MAY/JUNE2013

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