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TAFFINTESTS this is not a target pistol even though it shoots like one! the siXguNNer himself: guNs, gear & more JohN taffiN the remington r1 proved to be an exceptionally accurate .45 ACp. remington r1 Carry .45 ACp shot groups that surprised John. Remington S ome models, which were manufactured long before I was born, still exist, and companies continue to look backward as they go forward offering tried-and-true designs. Now a familiar name in the production of 1911s is back with the Remington R1. Remington is the oldest American firearms company, going all the way back to 1816 when Eliphalet Remington forged his first rifle barrel. During World War I, Remington Arms-UMC began producing .45 ACP 1911s for the war effort in 1918. The original order issued after Christmas in 1917 called for 150,000 pistols from Remington to be built in the new Remington plant in Connecticut, however problems developed quickly, including incomplete or inaccurate drawings. Instead of using drawings, Remington had to start with original Colt pistols and work backwards. Three months later, the order was increased to 500,000 pistols. However with such a late start, August 1918, they had only produced just over 13,000 with the ending of hostilities in November 1918 and then another 8,000 after the war ended. In WWII, Remington Rand, the typewriter company (not Remington the firearm company) manufactured some 900,000 1911s for the war effort. Some confuse them with guns built by Remington the gun company. But sometimes what’s old is new again. R1 1911 tRio remington r1 family: standard model, stainless steel and Carry model. the remington r1 Carry shot remington 230 fmC ammunition very well. All r1s come in a sturdy plastic box with two magazines and a bushing wrench. a “real” remington r 26 emington has been back in the 1911 business lately and recently issued several versions of their .45 ACP 1911 in blued and stainless versions as well as those we would normally call upgrades. The original 21st-century version of a Remington 1911 coincided with the 100th anniversary of the original Colt 1911 and is given the model designation R1. It is a 1911, not 1911A1 — almost. The Remington R1 reflects all of the basic changes of the move to the 1911A1 in the early 1920s, namely the short trigger was replaced by a longer trigger, the flat mainspring housing/backstrap was given an arch to combat the tendency for the original 1911 to shoot low in the hands of most shooters, and the tang on the grip safety was lengthened slightly to prevent hammer “bite.” The original sights were definitely made for those with excellent eyes and consisted of a very small front sight matched up with a very tiny “U” in the rear. The sights on the R1 are upgraded and excellent. The front sight is a front slanting post while the Continued on page 84 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MAY/JUNE2013

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