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theinsider Continued from page 106 with that extractor and feed ramp, and it might have contributed, sure, but Scout was smart to have me look at the case. Heck, I should have anyway. I could see a bit of the case mouth was abused. A .45 ACP headspaces on the case mouth, and your chamber was too short. I measured it at about .798" — way too short — and should be more like .905" or so overall. So the cases were being sort of crush-fit into the chamber, and that’s why the slide looked like it closed — like that first round you chambered just now — but didn’t quite. And the extractor/ ramp problem likely caused the other failure to chamber on the third round since more brass was showing. I cut the chamber deeper so the overall length was right at .905" and bingo, with the other work, she ran like you saw. Thanks to Scout, I’d say!” Big John scratched Scout’s ear and laughed. “Well Amos, in the future, I’ll just bring my guns to Scout, along with a box of dog biscuits. That’s cheaper than paying your scandalous rates!” Big John laughed as he pounded Amos on the back. Amos looked down at Scout and winked. ADD IT UP We GeT The Goose! Attendanceat2013sHOtshow inLasVegas. 62,371 2,000 1,600 100 Mediarepresentativesattended. Exhibitorswhodisplayedtheirwares. Netsquarefeetuseduptoholdallthat! 630,000 Numberofcountriesrepresented attheshow. NICsbackgroundchecksinDecember2012 (Highestmonthlyfigureeverreported). 2,237,731 1,410,937 NICschecksinDecember2011. $15,417,635 spentbyMissourioneducatingcitizens aboutstatenaturalresources. 104 he National Shooting Sports Foundation presented FMG Publications with its highest honor — the Ken Sedlecky Lifetime Achievement Award — during the 2013 SHOT Show State of the Industry reception. “We are proud and honored to present this award to one of our greatest supporters. One which has done more than any other to support the NSSF’s First Shots program,” said Steve Sanetti, NSSF president and CEO. “It is the highest honor we can give. “The extremely successful First Shots program allows shooters of all ages, particularly women, to get their first factual introduction to firearms and their safe and proper usage. This is so important in today’s world of instant global misinformation, and it’s vital to help dispel fear and misconceptions about recreational shooters and the firearms we responsibly own and use. To date, FMG Publications has donated almost $150,000 to our First Shots program, and that, in turn, is made possible by the industry’s participation in the Shooting Industry Masters competition, which FMG instituted, nurtured and has grown to be the premier industry shooting event.” How about that, eh? Once and awhile we do something right! To learn more about what we do at the Masters, check this link out: www. T ld bud Jim Scoutten (you’ll know Jim from Shooting USA and other shows) told me he’s coming up on his 20th year of doing continuous shooting sports reporting. According to Jim, this gun show series is now the longest running shooting sports series ever! And other than an occasional 1-shot special by the late Grits Greshem on ESPN, it’s the first series on guns that wasn’t a hunting show. It goes back to four years on ESPN as American Shooter, then TNN for 5 years, then OLN for 4 years, then a title and ownership change to Shooting USA and the Outdoor Channel for the last 7 years. Jim said he’ll be doing short “look back” segments in each show this season, and bits from behind the scenes. Did you know Chuck Connors was going to be the first host, the contract was signed but Connors dies before the first taping session. As Jim said, “Well, at least that proves I’m old!” Well done, Jim, and let’s hope you continue the great run. It’s our most-fun shooting show here at Handgunner! For more info: www. o shootiNg usa uger’s made it easy to contact government representatives so you can be heard on the gun-grab nonsense. With what is essentially one click, Ruger will send a letter off, in your name, to the president, vice president, your senators, respresentative, governor, lieutenant governor, state-level elected officials and state attorney general. All you have to do is read and sign the letter they have posted and hit send. Ruger does the rest. At the time I write this (late January), the website shows over 780,000 people have done it. I once spoke with a state senator and asked him if they pay attention to computer generated “boilerplate” letters concerning hot topics. He said, “If I get 5,000 letters exactly the same, I still pay attention to the fact 5,000 people felt strongly enough to take the time to do it, and yes, it matters.” So there you go. Make it matter! Go here: www.ruger. com/micros/advocacy/# WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MAY/JUNE2013 ruger helps out r

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