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American Handgunner May/June 2012 Digital Edition - Page 69

AirgunS JoHn Connor 3 6 2 1 sive info-dump. This is some serious, fun silliness, folks! A Les Baer licensed airsoft 1911? Serious IPSC airsoft training? Select-fire BB machine guns? Now if I knew any more about ’em I’d have to dump info off my organic hard drive. I’m up to .14 ZIP and .08 SQUAT, and found some really cool goodies to share with you. There’s more on Web Blast, so don’t miss that! Bon appetit! SeriouS, SiLLy, AnD AirSoFt AnD SeMi-SiLLy SeriouS AirgunS: tonS o’ Fun! W hen I started researching this I knew .07 ZIP about airguns, and .001 SQUAT about airsoft. I knew people were hunting wild hogs with highpowered airguns, and some military and police training was being done with airsoft guns, but I wasn’t even sure what they shot, or how. That stuff didn’t overlap into my comfy, powder-burnin’, lead-throwing world. Then a pal put me in touch with Simon Lee of Mad Bull, a Taiwanbased maker of top-notch airsoft guns and gear, and he just about blew the gasket on my head-valve with a mas- DidImentionit’sfull-auto?100-roundbeltsinarotarydrummagazine?It’sso SP01 shown here and several other Crosman muchfunyougottagrimacewhenyousay,“Thisisnotatoy!” airsofthandgunsandlonggunsarefullylicensed by the US Marine Corps. This one kicks out 6mm Soyoudon’thavethebucksforaLesBaerCustom1911?Or,youshoot airsoftBBsatupto325fps,perfectforyourhallway—but oneinIPSC,butyouwanttobeabletopracticeathome?Here’sMad notifithitsthatglass-framedphotoofyourmother-in-law… Bull’s officially licensed airsoft pistol, a faithful replica of Les’s Ultimate Recon5"model.PoweredbyGreenGasorCO2andwitha25-shotcapacity, Noweepin’,wheelgunners,here’sawinnerforyou:Even“BigBore”John it’ Taffinshouldenjoyshootin’thisCO2-powered,8-shotSmith&WessonM&P beforLesBaertoputhisnameonit? R8BBrevolverbyUmarexUSA.Kittedoutwithanadjustablerearsight,it’ll popout.177-calsteelBBsat420fps,singleordoubleaction,intoteensylittle N o w w e ’ r e groups.Putalightontheunder-barrelrailandgonightrat-huntin’! talking serious power and pinpoint Weledoffwiththecoolestpelletgunever,andhere’sthe’waycoolestBB precision with the gunever!TheRussian-madeDrozdBlackbirdisalreadycoolwhenithitsthe compact TalonP precharged pneu- benchatDrozdMaxinCalifornia,butthentheykickitupseveralnotchesasthey matic air pistol from AirForce Airguns. It didwiththisS.W.A.T.Edition.How’boutsemi,3-shotburstorfull-autoat600,900 throws a .25-caliber lead pellet, packing or1,200roundsperminute,withvelocityboostedto700fps?Poweredbya13cu over 50 foot-pounds of energy downrange high-pressureairtank,it’sa.177-calibersteelBBpumpin’monster through a Lothar Walther barrel, and will take —andyoudon’thavetogotoMoscowforcustomersupport! varmints and small game handily at 100 yards! To quote airgun guru, Tom Gaylord, on the TalonP, For more photos and info, and other models by these “Cowabunga!”Thatsaysitall,don’tit? makers, see our Web Blast! The.COOLEST.PelletGun.EVER:TheTippmannSMG.22byAirOrdnance, Yup, that’s an official Eagle, Globe 1 a full-auto, belt-fed,12-rounds-per-secondthunderwonderpoweredby 4 and Anchor on this spring-powered, CO2,Nitrogenorcompressedair,puttin’out.22-caliberleadpelletsat600fps! 12-shot airsoft pistol by Crosman. The 2 5 5 6 3 4 * WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM 69 69

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