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American Handgunner May/June 2012 Digital Edition - Page 66

win! 4 . 5 Defensive PacKage handgun of thE month Kimbercustom cDP ii acP EntEr onlinE to enter by MAiL: Sendapostcard(noenvelopes,please)andfollowthesampleshownbelowtoAMERICANHANDGUNNER, Dept.H5,P.O.Box501377,SanDiego,CA92150-1377.ALL entrIeS muSt be reCeIved befOre June 30, 2012. reADer Survey QueStionS: 1. Are you interested in learning more about law enforcement products (ammo, guns, less lethal, lights, training, etc.)? A) yes b) no 2. do you pass your copy of american Handgunner on to other readers? A) yes b) no c) Sometimes d) donate it to library, Scout troop, etc. 3. have you cancelled a subscription to another gun magazine lately due to poor quality/predictable articles/not covering topics of interest to you? A) yes b) no c) letting my subscription expire and won’t renew limit 1 entry per household. ThiscontestisopentoindividualswhoareresidentsoftheUnitedStatesanditsterritoriesonly.AgentsandemployeesofPublishersDevelopmentCorporationandtheirfamiliesareexcludedfromentering.Contestvoidwhereprohibitedorrestrictedbylaw.Winnersmustmeetalllocallawsandregulations.Taxes andcompliancewithfirearmsregulationswillbetheresponsibilityofthewinners.WinnerswillbenotifiedbyCERTIFIEDMAILonofficialletterhead.ATTENTIONDEPLOYED MILITARY:USESTATESIDEADDRESS!Nopurchasenecessarytoenter.Giveawaygunsandaccessoriesmayhaveminorhandlingmarksorevidenceofbeingtest-fired. Name ___________________________________ Address_____________City,State,Zip____________ EmailAddress_______________________ cIrcle AnSwerS to reAder SurVey: hommay/June2012 sample Question#1: (A) (B) Question#2: (A) (B) (C) (D) Question#3: (A) (B) (C) IfIwin,pleaseshipmyprizethrough: Dealer___________________________________ Address_____________City,State,Zip____________ Phone( )____-________ Storehours__am__pm 66 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MAY/JUNE2012

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