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American Handgunner May/June 2012 Digital Edition - Page 63

CoMPetition geAr 1 4 it’S not ALL PLAy, but it CAn be ALL Fun! JoHn Connor b ack when Mickey Fowler was tearin’ up handgunning records and hauling championships home in a wheelbarrow, he had just blasted out another win when some hair sprayed, nonshooting talking head poked a microphone in front of him and asked, “So, Mister Fowler, why do you compete?” Mickey’s smile turned to perplexed puzzlement. He peered at the guy for a long moment and started to say something. Then Mickey slowly shook his head, sighed and walked away. A grizzled ol’ gunner collared the clueless correspondent. “I think what Mickey means is,” he explained, “If you don’t know, I can’t tell ya.” When you compete, sure, you shoot to win, but you don’t have to take home the gold to be a winner. In so many ways, showing up is winning; taking part is the reward; improvement is your prize, and beating your own “best” is a championship. Here are some cool tools to help you get there. Photo: Chuck Pittman, Inc. 5 Whetheryou’rerunningamajortournament,goingoneonone 1 withapal,ortimingyourowndraw-and-pop,there’sashooting timer to fit your needs and your budget. The PACT Club Timer III is a pocket-sizedpowerhouseoffunctions,thechoiceofhundredsofclubs and thousands of serious competitors. Check it out, and try to stifle youramazementatitsbangforyourbucks! If you shoot a Glock, from “stock” to Super Galactic Unlimited, 2 Lone Wolf Distributors has all the exotic components you need, from titaniumstrikers,rightuptoragingracersliketheWerewolvesshownhere. 5 2 6 Lone Wolf is the world’s largest source of Glock parts and accessories and theyknowtheirstuff,soiftheydon’tcarryit,youprobablydon’twantit! I’mlookin’hardatthe5-lensRydonkit.Rudy’slight-adjustinglensesarethe bestI’veused,andyoucanget’emmadetoyourprescriptiontoo! In competition, eye protection goes a lot further than just ballistic 3 resistance,andRudyProjectUSAtakesprotection,clarity,comfortand appropriatetintstothelimit.Mychoiceistheir3-lensGenetykkitshown,but Tired of dealing with speedloaders that don’t quite fit for fast work? 4 Modelsthatweremadeforanotherrevolverorsimilarframesizebut “will also fit” yours — and don’t? Wish you could tweak their spread or game.Ifyouwantsecurity,speedandasmoothdrawstrokeinarigthat’s builttolast,checkouttheirSpeedRigforpracticalcompetition,andtheir Pro Series IDPA Pack which, by the way, also makes a great daily concealedcarrysetup. Wantyourownmaster-leveltutorinmasteringIDPA?Justgetacopyof 6 the DVD Mastering IDPA from Panteao Productions. Ten-time national championandfull-timecopBobVogelknowswhatworksandwhatdoesn’tto 3 angle just a tad? You get that adjustability in a slick, secure design with SL Variant speedloadersfromBobbyMac’s.An arrayof5-,6-and7-shotmodels areofferedforvariousframes, along with 2.25" extended SportGripknobs. Some competition holster 5 designs offer bells and whistles instead of proven perfor- shortenyourtimes,tightenyourshotsandboostyourscores.AndonDVD,he doesn’tmindhavingtorepeathimselfasmanytimesasyouwant! Watch for the future announcement of my own new competitive discipline, the UOPL — the Underground OFFENSIVE Pistol League. Oh, we’re gonna have some interesting drills! Connor OUT. For more info: and click on the company name. * 63 63 mance,butBlade-Techdoesn’tplaythat WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM

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