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American Handgunner May/June 2012 Digital Edition - Page 58

After a 6-year hiatus, SIG SAuer has reintroduced the legendary Model 210. the first pistols imported from the German factory comprise the Special limited edition, numbered 1-210 with engraving and gold highlights on the slide. full production handguns arrive sans-engraving and finished in black nitron. the basic model has highly visible, driftadjustable sights. the sights on the target model are fully adjustable. the sIg sAUer 210 MIke CUMpston t A lIvIng legenD 58 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MAY/JUNE2012 traditionally, test targets were fired from 50 meters, with 2" being the accuracy standard. recently SIG SAuer has been supplying 25-meter targets instead. this one measures 1.4". hroughout the mid to late 20 th century the Swiss service pistol, known variously as the Model 47/48, Model 48, SIG Neuhausen, and commercially as the Model 210, was widely regarded as the “ World’s Best Pistol.” Or, given less hyperbolic acclaim, as the most accurate military/police service pistol. In the 1930s, seeking a replacement for the 7.65 Lugers the country had used since 1900, Switzerland purchased patents from French arms designer, Charles Petter, using the design as a springboard for the arm that emerged after the end of WWII. Modifications received dash suffixes denoting variations on the basic pistol more often than significant design changes. Visible departures from the original 210 include larger safety lever that does not score the frame, and a beavertail to prevent hammer bite. There are a couple of sport/target models, and some featuring caliber conversions in 7.65 and .22 Long Rifle. The post 2000 Model 210-8 had the magazine release on the left side of the grip frame rather than in the traditional heal position. The 210, regarded as an “improved” Browning design, features a number of major departures. The action is a removable modular unit like that

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