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American Handgunner May/June 2012 Digital Edition - Page 106

the insider o TM royhuntington goodiesgalore parausasold mossberg 2012 SHot SHow kahr thetime?I’mtellingyou,thisstoppedeverybodyin theirtracks,andIcouldn’thelpbutnoticethemacho guyswhoactuallydidn’tsayitwasawful.Theyeven sorta’snuckaquickpeekatitandheftedit,saying thingslike,“Hey,thisiskinda’cool.”Caught‘emin theact, kay, I hate reviews of trade shows as much as the next guy, but the Shooting And Hunting Outdoor Trade Show is different because it’s a giant showcase of all that’s cool for the coming year. We get some “Insider” information (get it?), see new stuff, see semi-secret (and really secret!) new stuff that might see the light of day, and chat with industry people about trends, troubles, new companies, old companies and companies no longer with us. So, without further ado — and in no particular order — here’s some cool stuff, news and what-not I stumbled upon at the 2012 SHOT Show held in Lost Vegas this past January, and some general “ephis” as Connor would say. Big news just after SHOT (but some of us kinda’knewitatSHOT…)wasthefactThanos Polyzos—theownerofParaUSA—elected tosellParatotheFreedomGroup(Remington, Marlin, Bushmaster, DPMS/ PantherArms,etc.) ownedbyCerberus Capital Management.ThanosfoundedParainCanada,initially building the first hi-cap frames for the 1911. Theresthasbecome1911history,withtoday’s ParaUSA(sincemovingtotheUSseveralyears ago) building a wide range of respected 1911 seriespistols.Wehonestlydon’tknowwhatwill happen now, but we only hope Para’s absorption,Borg-like,intothe“collective”ofCerberus doesn’tcauseittodropoffofthemap.Andto Thanos,I’dliketosay,“Welldoneoldfriend,so now…whynotrestabit,eh?” Colt has a fire lit under ‘em right n o w a n d t h e i r booth was packed constantly. A couple things stood out to me, the Colt Rail Gun and … drum roll please … the good old National Match Gold Cup is back! TheGoldCuphascoolsorta’retrorubbergrips withthegoldColtlogo,andputmerightback atmyfirstIPSCmatchesinthelate1970s.The RailGunsuddenlygivesyouagenuine5"Colt 1911, but with a factory rail, no after-market add-onthingyhere.Coltisverydefinitelyback, boysandgirls! While it ain’t about handguns, we’re not so uppityastonotadmitwelovelonggunstoohere. Mossberg introduced something called their “Flex” system,whichbasicallyallowsyoutoturna500/590 shotgunintoaboutanykindofshotgunyou’dever need, from tactical, competition, sporting, etc. with aneasy-to-changeseriesofaccessorybarrels,stocks Frank Harris, and goodies — all very cool. Their 5-Gun Hunter EducationSetisaseriesofnon-functioninglongguns at Kahr, showed (rifles and shotguns) allowing anyone who teaches me their new CM4043, which builds on their CM series (previously in 9mm), a more affordable line of compact pistols. The latest,in.40S&W,offersa3"barrel,allthefeatures oftheirCWseries,butwithminorchangeslikestandardriflingandsomeMIMpartstohelpmeetaprice point.Allthenormalstandardsarestillinplaceonthe CMseries,andliketheotherKahrs,theCM4043will hunter safety classes to get hands-on with new shooters,safely.And,inthe“Wetoldyouso”department,their464SPXistheirlever-action.30-30(and a.22)withallthebellsandwhistlesofmanyAR-platforms.Thishasbeentoyedwithbefore,butMossberg diditupgood.Whileit’sweirdtolookat,whyisit anydifferentthanaB-52stillflyingcombatmissions 60yearsafteritsfirstflight? Ms. Aimee Grant, who helped us out at SHOT,ishereinherbest “Take a look at this!” pose, holding Kimber’s newSapphireUltraII,in 9mm no-less. Who says gunshavetobeblackall There was almost too manynewthingsatRuger, buthere’stwocoolones.The SR22 is a new, sleek-looking .22,withDA/SAdesign,de-cocking safetyandtwogripprofilesyoucanchange to fit your hand. A near-perfect plinker, trail gun,casualtargetgunorsurvivalgun.Thealuminum slide and polymer frame keep it very light. The LCR22 is a .22 LR version of their popular LCR .38 revolver. The .22 holds eight shots, is feathery and would make a goodpersonalrevolverforthosevery recoilsensitive,orabackpacking,back-up Continued on page 104 coltrail/goldcup ruger sapphireblue theinsider 106 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MAY/JUNE2012

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