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American Handgunner May/June 2011 - Page 52

Duke’s first airsoft submachine gun (a clone of an MP40) showed amazing accuracy. This 20 round full-auto burst was fired from about 25'. How would you prefer your pistol practice in a Montana winter? Outside, up to your boots in snow, or comfortably in your office with the pets cheering when you make a bull’s-eye? ack in 2007 when I wrote a piece in Handgunner about buying an airsoft, full auto BB gun copied from the German MP40, some readers thought I was silly. In fact some of my friends said I was playing with “toys.” I took that “toy” to several shooting matches here in Montana and it was interesting to see how many of my “mature” peers enjoyed playing with it too. As life played out, in 2008 I was able to legally purchase a real MP40 so I gave the airsoft version to a friend’s teenage son. For the uninitiated, airsoft guns are today’s rough equivalent to the Red Ryder BB guns many of us grew up. Instead of steel BBs, nowadays they shoot 6mm plastic “BBs” in a WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MAY/JUNE 2011 52

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