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American Handgunner May/June 2011 - Page 46

Break-top Naa’s 22 N orth American Arms literally created a new category of small arms with their lineup of watch pocket single actions in .22 calibers. From the tiniest .22 Short MiniRevolver to the biggest .22 Magnum — The Earl — NAA offers a line-up to please any mini-gun aficionado. While they also offer the small semiauto “Guardian” .32 and .380s, this is all about the Ranger. As we get grey in our mustaches, I think I can speak for many of us when I say our tastes become more refined, more specific, less tolerant of the mundane and more enamored with the unique, the eclectic, indeed, the things that most appeal to our more discriminating nature. And why more discriminating? I think it’s because we have more time to enjoy things as we get older. It’s as if after all these years of hustle and bustle, we’re beginning to realize we need to take the time to appreciate things for their own sake. While none of that would be news to people like Louis Comfort Tiffany, or Frank Lloyd Wright, it has struck like a lightning bolt I think, and I see it reflected in the industry, with finer leather, carefully crafted guns and accessories to match, becoming The short throw of the ejector in the Ranger doesn’t fully eject the brass, so you need to invert it to help toss ‘em out. Beauty Roy favored the larger “target” grips but found the smaller rubber ones to be more comfortable for pocket carry. more and more available — and demanded. I have finally learned … finally … it’s better to buy one good something, than six mediocre somethings. You will not enjoy the six, and regret your purchases. Yet one, single, correct decision, one “yes, that’s what I really wanted” purchase, pays dividends for decades. Which, finally, brings us to this seemingly modest .22 revolver. Sneaky Peek raNger MagNuM roy huNtINgtoN While it might be tempting to rely on the .22 Magnum for personal protection — don’t. Here’s how the Magnum load compares in size to some others chosen at random: (L-R) .22 shot, .22 LR, .22 Mag shot and Federal, .32 ACP, .38 S&W, .38 Special, .44 Special and shot and 9mm. It was, say, two years ago at the SHOT Show when I stopped to visit Sandy Chisholm, the personable president of North American Arms. I’ve always admired Sandy for the fact his 46 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MAY/JUNE 2011

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