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American Handgunner May/June 2011 - Page 114

THE Roy Huntington INSIDER 4 8 TM SHOT Stuff 2 ust returned from our yearly sojourn to the Shooting and Hunting Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show). Lots of goodies offered, new products, dusted off old ones, some companies gone forever, some new ones, some big ones struggling, some small ones going like gang-busters. What little time I had to do any exploring showed a few high notes, which I’ll share, in no particular order here. Kimber: A big surprise to everyone was Kimber’s brand new SOLO Carry, a “designed from a blank slate” pocket 9mm, that’s really pocket-sized. Striker fired, it has a DA feeling trigger, ambi-safeties and superior ergonomics. Check out our July/Aug 2011 issue for a big feature on it. We were very impressed. Cylinder & Slide: Bill Laughridge showcased his virtually made-from-scratch-to-painstakingly-original-specifications 1911. His are actually built exactly like first commercial runs, circa-1913. I even sorta’ accidently supplied Bill with a first production run original magazine he found when digging in my spare mag box at my house during the last 1911 class! He used it to create his “new” old ones. This is a stunner of a gun. Bill is making a very limited run so reach out now if you want one! 9 J 3 1 TOPS Knives: Called the “Mini Pry Knife” this handsized beast of a knife is more a “get you out of a jam” tool than anything else I’ve seen in a long time. At about a 3/8" thick blade (keep in mind a 1/4" blade is a hunk of tool), there’s no doubt in my mind you could pound this thing into just about anything and it would win. I’m sold. 6 7 7 2 Colt: Lots happening here. Can you say “Rail Gun” from Colt? Yup, a 1911 with a light rail. Ditto for reintroducing the Mustang PocketLite, the Colt New Frontier SAA (uh, huh) and a nifty commemorative 1911. We were taken by the commemorative, and being a true 1911, might have been issued to a WWI doughboy. It was nice looking and from what we hear, damn affordable. 3 4 5 insider Glock: We got to take a peek at Glock’s “25th” Anniversary commemorative Glock 17, a Gen 4 model. Has it really been 25 years? Well done, and can you say, “Changed the way autos are made?” Ruger: It was the “pocket” 9mm show, and Ruger helped fly the flag with their new LC9. Sort of a “Biggie-sized” LCP (the .380 one), the LC9 holds 7+1 and has a 3.12" barrel. I didn’t catch the retail price, but being a Ruger, I’m sure it’s affordable. SIG SAUER: But wait, there’s more! SIG came aboard with their own “pocket” 9mm, called the P290. Reminding me of a chopped and channeled P239, it was a bit bigger than most of the breed, but that very feature allows it to better rest in a detective’s holster, as a back-up for a cop or as a primary concealed carry gun for anyone. I’m not sure I’d call it a “pocket” nine, but it is compact, carryable and, well, a SIG! S&W: Called the “Governor” S&W’s version of the Taurus “Judge” looks about the same, and certainly exhibits S&W’s legendary workmanship and smooth action. The hitch is this one chambers .410, .45 Colt and .45 ACP with moon clips made just for this gun. And don’t forget we’d bet you could use .45 Auto Rims without the clips. It’s got a Scandium alloy frame to keep things light. 8 6 9 Mossberg: Huh? Mossberg? Yup, mostly because I wanted to showcase the fact old bud Linda Powell is now resident P/R guru there. But almost just as importantly, the old cop in me took notice of a great idea. Mossberg’s new “breeching” shotgun features a handle like you’d find on a chainsaw, making hanging onto it (and running the rack) during operations a breeze. It’s a “Well, duh .!” idea and I wanted to share it with the cop-types in the crowd. 5 the insider Continues on page 112 1 114 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MAY/JUNE 2011

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