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American Handgunner May/June 2011 - Page 8

SPEAKOUT WHINERS, CRYBABIES AND SISSIES YOUR FORUM TO PONTIFICATE, PONDER AND PROBE Gads, is it just me or are we turning into a nation of pansies? For crying out loud, I wish some of your readers would quit whining about every little thing and just man-up. If you don’t like something, turn the page ya nit-wit! And what’s with the over-sensitivity? “Oh, I’m so offended!” Geez … guess they never made it through a boot camp, eh? Do they run and hide when their wife gets mad at them? What we need is one of those scratch-n-sniff thingies in your magazine that gives off testosterone. Can you do that? Love your magazine, and keep dishing it out to ‘em! Conway Donaldson Via e-mail Cast Bullet Stuff loading data in Glocks, and if so, why In Duke’s article about cast bullets, would carefully handloaded ammo be he mentioned Glock’s manual says not different from factory loads? to use cast bullets. I bought a .40 caliber Thanks for a informative and interdie set advising against shooting reloads esting magazine. I wish I had found it in Glocks. I have also seen replace- sooner. Head and shoulders above the ment barrels for Glocks advertised others I’ve subscribed to in the past. as being able to shoot reloads. Could Mark Hanfelder you offer some info to clarify this to a Via e-mail PACT_postxmas_09_fixed.pdf 12/16/08 9:04:18 AM non-expert? Is it really unsafe to shoot reloads loaded to 10 percent below max Thanks for your many kind words, Mark. According to Glock: “The use of reloaded ammunition will void the Glock warranty, due to the unpredictability of the standards (SAMI/ NATO) adhered to, since reloads of poor quality ammunition may not meet (SAMI/NATO) specifications, may exceed limits, and therefore may be unsafe.” Their polygonal rifling might also seem to be more prone to become leaded, which could lead to 8 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MAY/JUNE 2011

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