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American Handgunner May/June 2011 - Page 74

Alan Korwin “Constitutional Carry” Gains Traction ood people who carry sidearms these days carry quietly, discreetly, the civilized norm. The days of going downtown with a hog’s leg holstered, well, those days are pretty much over, it draws too much attention. This precious right of ours to keep and bear arms, which “shall not be infringed,” is exercised differently in 2011 than it was in 1811. Our huge population, with most folks living in cities, has shifted our culture. Old laws to openly strap on a 6-shooter — still the only way to legally bear arms in many places — is serious infringement. It all but removes your right to tastefully keep and bear. Many people are mistakenly convinced the right to carry remains intact if they are “allowed” to do so with a plastic-coated permission slip from the king. Forget that no one has legitimate authority to “allow” you to exercise your rights. As free people, you’re supposed to be “free” to exercise rights — not allowed to. And instead of an unmolested right to keep and bear arms, you get a round-about red-tape paper chase from the ruling class. So-called “right to carry” is not really a right, it’s a government permit. Permit-based “right to carry,” with its bureaucracy, paper work, applications, approvals, taxes called “fees,” mandatory classes, written tests, shooting tests, wallet-sized permission cards, fingerprinting, photographs, criminal-database listings, “reciprocity” lists and expiration dates for your “rights,” is a severe compromise — but it has accomplished a lot for us. It put to death the lie armed people would shoot slow waiters, or each other at traffic lights, or turn towns into Dodge City. It showed with crystal clarity armed people deter crime — permits increased, crime dropped. It has helped muzzle the anti-rights mob’s frantic screaming. Their irrational myths and support have melted under the bright light of reality. More guns, less crime (Lott), an armed society is a polite society (Heinlein), people are safer when criminals don’t know who’s armed (CRPA), we’ve all learned the sound bites. Only two percent of the public (on average) have agreed to bow and scrape before the king to get the permission slip, but roughly half of us have firearms! Most of us are denied the liberty to discreetly and peacefully bear arms because we won’t “sign up.” We retain only the right to keep arms. That’s wrong. Continued on page 101 Goodbye To RiGhT To CARRy? G 74 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MAY/JUNE 2011

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