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American Handgunner May/June 2011 - Page 51

Heavy .44 Magnum loads from Buffalo Bore range from their 305-gr. LBT to the 340-gr. LBT Two JFN options come in 275 and 300 gr. bullet weights. The company also offers a +P version of the 340 gr. LBT. Sissies need not apply! Buffalo Bore offers shooters a mild-mannered .44 Magnum round using a Keith-style 255-gr. cast bullet. The lower recoil round is ideal for new shooters or casual plinking sessions. The .45 ACP +P round from Buffalo Bore makes for a nice trail gun load. The company provides five different +P loads ranging from a 185-gr. JHP to their 255-gr. hard cast bullet. The .308 Winchester is a very popular cartridge among tactical shooters. Buffalo Bore’s 175-gr. Sniper round provided minute-of-terrorist accuracy from the author’s handguns, including the MOA pictured. Buffal B re amm D mark Hampton uring a casual conversation with His Editorship, Roy mentioned he was impressed with a .45 ACP +P load he’d been testing in a revolver. After learning Buffalo Bore provide this and many other nifty offerings, I was quite impressed. As a long-time handgun hunter, I’d always assumed Buffalo Bore only loaded .475 Linebaugh, heavy .44 Magnum, .45 Colt +P, and those monster-killing .45-70 rounds. But I was very wrong. After a conversation with Tim Sundles, guru behind this firm, I gained quite an education. This company started with humble beginnings back in 1997 and has since made quite a splash in the ammunition market. Defensive handgun ammunition has hit the radar screen big time and Buffalo Bore has answered the call producing many offerings, including smaller bore cartridges like .32ACP +P, 9X18 Makarov +P, and 380 Auto+P. I’m really fond of their .38 Special +P offering with a gas check on the bullet to prevent barrel leading. Not only did they flash-suppress the powder, they even added an additional 100 fps to the soft 158-gr. bullet in their version of the “FBI load.” Their heavy 10mm and .40 Smith & Wesson ammo provides shooters with more punch if needed. I couldn’t have been more surprised to see so many other “niche” offerings in .357, .41 and .44 Magnum. The .44 Magnum is available in several options, from lower recoiling 255-gr. cast bullets to four different heavy loads that are just the ticket for clobbering a hippo trying to tip your canoe. Big-game hunters who lean toward the .454 Casull are not left out either. Rifle cartridges even us single-shot handgun nuts can enjoy are also available, and range from four different bullet weights in .223 Remington, heavy .30-30 Winchester, .308 Winchester, .35 Remington, and .444 Marlin to name just a few. When elephants start raiding my garden I plan on whacking them with Buffalo Bore’s 500-gr. .45-70. The company offers five different bullet weights for this cartridge. All these rounds are developed with accuracy and a specific purpose in mind. And there is more to come. The .45 ACP +P fed well in my Para-Ordnance. I was shooting their 185- and 230-gr. J.H.P. Few make heavy .45 auto loads, and these options from Buffalo Bore turn the lowly .45 ACP in to a real trail gun. They even offer a 255-gr. Hard Cast FN in .45 ACP. Roy told me it fed great in his Les Baer Thunder Ranch Special 1911. My wife enjoyed shooting the lower recoil .44 Magnum offering pushing a 255-gr. cast bullet at 1,350 fps. We were shooting these rounds out of a 10" Contender and 5½" Super Redhawk with recoil not being an intimidating factor. Buffalo Bore also offers four heavy loads in the .44 for serious encounters. Next up was the Sniper .223 Ultra Match Grade Ammunition. I was shooting the 55-gr. offering loaded with Sierra’s BlitzKing out of a custom XP-100. The first five shots were grouped within a tad over 1". Due to the fact I couldn’t find any Taliban running around my farm, some lazy rocks resting on the pond bank got plastered. This will make an accurate varmint load if you can’t locate any terrorists. Lastly, I tried Buffalo Bore’s Sniper .308 round using a Sierra 175-gr. HPBT. This was another very accurate offering I shot in both an Encore and a MOA. Three shots hovered just over 1" from both handguns. The company plans on adding at least two more .308 Winchester rounds next year. I’m hoping Tim will offer at least one hunting option in either 150- or 165-gr. bullet weight too. For more info: (406)-745-2666, www.americanhandgunner. com/buffalo-bore 51 * WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM

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