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American Handgunner May/June 2011 - Page 32

Massad ayoob Dueling .45s: The STeve lang inciDenT Situation:Fleeinggang-bangerwithillegallypossessedpistol turnsonpursuingcop,andthegunfightison. lessons: Evadehisgunfire.Directyours.Sightedfirehas awayofscoringhits.Stayinthefight‘tilyou’ve won.Acorollaryto“useenoughgun”is“have enoughbullets.” Apopularthemeonalmosteveryonlinefirearmsforumis“gunversusgun.”It’llstart withaquestionsuchas,“Whichisthebetter.45,aSIGP220oraGlock21?”Aflawin the debate is the operative term in the “gunfight” is not “gun.” It is “fight.”And that’s somethingtheparticipantsdo,nottheguns. AgoodexampleofthattookplaceinMurrieta,Calif.intheweehoursofOct.5,2001. Planned home invasion Toan Quac Van and the gang he ran with targeted a businesswoman of Vietnamese descentwholivedinMurrieta.Theyhadbecomeawareshekeptthousandsofdollarsin cash,andasubstantialamountofpreciousjewelryinherhome,notfarfromRiverside, California. Ethnic street gangs tend to focus on victims who share their own ethnicity: it’sthepreytheyknowbest.Thetargetedfamilyhadlostthefortunethey’daccumulated in banks in Saigon when they fledVietnam for the United States; this left them with a distrust of banks. It’s a feeling widely shared in theVietnamese/American culture, and thereforewellknowntocriminalsofVietnameseextractioninAmerica. Riverside area newspaperman John Hall wrote, “A 911 call from a couple on Dartanian Place around 2 a.m. on Oct. 5, 2001, brought police officers to the neighborhood who quashed the robbery before it could happen, prosecutors say. The wife testified Tuesdayshebecamesuspiciousafterseeingagroupofmenshowuponherstreetintwo vehicleswithnoheadlightson,walkaroundthecornertowardBayonnePlace.” The intended armed home invasion would indeed be stopped before it happened, just notstoppedeasily. initial Takedown Corporal Steve Lang of Murrieta PD was the third officer to respond to the phone call from the concerned neighbor, who had noticed the suspicious behavior, while up late nursing her baby. The first two officers, arriving about a minute before Lang, had alreadydetainedanadultmaledressedallinblack,whohadbeenwalkingbacktoward theparkedcars.Langtoldmeyearslater,“Themaletoldmehelivedover50milesaway and was just looking to buy a beer.The nearest store was two miles away and he was clearlylying.Hisdress,demeanorandareawherehesaidhelivedwereconsistentwith gang association. A records check showed the male had an arrest record and was on paroleforattemptedmurder.Hewashandcuffed,detained,andplacedintherearofone ofthemarkedpolicecars.” The second capture came almost as easily. Steve Lang: “Shortly thereafter, we saw a secondmaleAsianadultdressedinsimilarclothing,walkingoutoftheneighborhood… Continued on page 92 inthedirectionoftheparkedvehicles(hehadnotseenus). 32 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MAY/JUNE 2011

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