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American Handgunner May/June 2010 - Page 95

GUNNYSACK ICC AMMO T Roy Huntington oday’s environmentalists are striking out in all directions, and the shooting sports are victim of their often ill-thought-out campaigns. While the move to lower airborne lead on indoor ranges makes sense (it’s a wonder we old guys aren’t dead), extending bans on lead-based projectiles and mercury-based priming compounds to hunting and even carry ammo is happening now. International Cartridge Corporation (or ICC) has been leading the way in frangible, lead-free ammo. Their line of “Green Elite” ammunition crosses all the borders to include rifle and even shotgun ammo. From lead-free practice ammunition for commercial use, to sophisticated specialty lead-free ammo for police training, SWAT team use and now, even duty carry, ICC knows its stuff. The ICC Green Elite HP Duty ammo offers a cross-section of common calibers, all loaded with their line of frangible, leadfree bullets, but in hollowpoint designs. The frangible bullet means less chance of damage or injury from ricochets, and after impact, the bullets break up, making multiple wound channels, according to ICC specifications. The .40 S&W is a 125-gr. HP at 1,250 fps at the muzzle. The 9mm load is a 100-gr. HP also at 1,250 fps. There’s nothing wrong with those specs, and when combined with the frangible bullet, may offer some interesting options to agencies looking for new duty ammo. Check out ICC’s wide range of interesting ammunition options including .223, .308 and 7.62x39 lead-free and frangible rifle rounds. I’ve used their ammo at two classes at Thunder Ranch and it performed flawlessly. Felt recoil in my .45 ACP 1911 was normal, and reliability was 100-percent. Plus, at the end of the day I felt as if Mother Nature smiled at me. Okay, maybe not smiled, but at least didn’t glower like she usually does. For more info: productindex Lee CLassiC TurreT Press THE FINEST TURRET PRESS EVER MADE! Still the finest Turret Press made. Even if you already own a press— you’ll want a Lee Classic Turret. Your first stroke of the hardwood gripped lever will convince you this is one solid, silky smooth press. Instant change turret allows die change in seconds. Exclusive auto index feature is standard and automatically advances the dies. This feature can be instantly turned off when batch loading long rifle cases. Long stroke and powerful mechanical advantage allow it to size any case with ease. The huge 1 1/8” diameter ram is supported by over 12 square inches of cast iron and is drilled completely through to dispose of primers in an attached, clear PVC tube. Every primer is caught—guaranteed! Priming on the press is a delight with the Lee Lever Prime System [ LPS ]. Add the Lee Safety Prime and never touch the primers from box to shell. Primers are dispensed with push button convenience. Make your dreams come true with the Lee Classic Turret. WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM 95

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