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American Handgunner May/June 2010 - Page 94

GUNNYSACK I Roy Huntington VIRIDIAN X5L LASER/LIGHT was one of the first to endorse lasers as accessory sighting systems more than ten years ago. I’ve been scared in the field as a cop, had tired eyes on graveyard trying to see my sights at 0-Dark-Thirty while some miscreant did a “Do I have a gun” dance next to his hot-stopped car. I’ve tried clearing businesses, abandoned shacks and dark cars on traffic stops in the dark. I know, personally, what it’s like — and it’s not good. When I saw the options a laser sight can offer, I was on board. Those who wrang their hands, told us we’d all be killed, and threw rocks at the concept have been proven soundly wrong. Since then it’s been fun to watch all the naysayers slowly come aboard and admit, “Hey, okay, maybe there is some merit to the concept.” Duh. For one, I’m always glad to see new technology in this field, and one of the latest is the concept of green lasers. They cost more, but do seem to offer a higher level of visibility in some situations. Do you need a laser in daylight? I doubt it, but then again, what if you’ve got blood in your eyes, your hands are slippery, numb from blood loss and you have to take a shot at 25 yards — in the daylight? See … it’s the options thing again. Viridian’s product lineup is, simply put, first-class. Very high quality, well-engineered and put together with obvious engineering experience. Initially, their lineup offered products to fit specific guns. As they explained, it was to ensure an exact fit to the rails on specific models. Since then, the hue and cry for a more “general” fit model led to the introduction of the X5 and related models. Our test sample was solidly constructed, elegantly packaged and came with support materials, spare CR2 batteries and acessories to make it fit most rail-mounts. Operation options include several modes for the green laser (steady-on, pulse, rapid pulse, etc.) and for the light (high, low, lower and strobe), all controlled by two on/off buttons. They can be changed right to left by merely pressing a button for two seconds. For more specs, I’d recommend you go to their comprehensive and interesting Web site. For more info: 94 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MAY/JUNE2010

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