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American Handgunner May/June 2010 - Page 66

GotalottaGlocksora scadofsmith&Wessons? ThisfourGunPistolPack fromElitesurvivalsystems isplentyroomy butperfectly compactand professionally puttogether. fortheladies, Galco’sPandoraHolsterHandbagissimply drop-deadgorgeous(that’swhattheMemsaab says),andcraftedofthefinestfull-grainglove-tanned leather.Asideentryguncompartmentholdssmalltolargedefensivehandgunsand secureswithalockingzipper–abagforbothfairweatherandfoul,youmightsay… Pack It In Packs & Bags — Some new, Some classic, all Good2Go! John connor I ’ve just about had it with these packs-an’-bags folks. I finally get to the point where (almost) all of my strategic stuff, tactical toys, and just-for-grinz gear is (almost) packed into the best, most appropriate packs an’ bags possible — and then, before I can even pause to savor my semi-success, they not only improve many of my favorites, but cruelly and callously confront me with all-new ever-cooler, ever-handier designs which I know I woulda thought of myself if I’d only had a little more time … Okay, I guess it’s a good thing for those of you who are still looking for just the right ruck or the perfect pack for some esoteric load you gotta lug somewhere. But how ’bout for guys like me, who can’t bear to part with WhogaveBlACKHAWK!permissiontoEnhancemy trustyoldBattleBag,huh?ThinkI’mgonnabuyonejust becauseit’s…somuchbetternow?Uhhh…okay.My sonneedsmyoldone,Iguess. 66 RememberwaybacktothatAlICEpackyou humpedamule’sloadinfromfortBenningto Bamboola&Beyond?It’sstillagreatdesign, andAtlancostillmakesit,plustheframe andallaccessories.Notjustnostalgia,butan honoredworkhorse! WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MAY/JUNE2010

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