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American Handgunner May/June 2010 - Page 63

Where’s the shari leGate Grease? Shari did a bit of dry-firing with the test gun and found the trigger pull was crisp and reliable. Note how neat and clean the gun is before firing. If you choose to just get the 1911 Upgrade Kit, it includes the frame, slide, hammer, trigger and disconnector. FailZero’s innovative treatment This is the same gun after firing hundreds of rounds, according to Shari. A quick wipe with a dry rag on the outside to get the powder dust off, and the innards were left alone. Looks pretty clean to us. don’t normally write product reviews. I usually leave that to the “experts,” but I came across something that seemed so wrong I had to look into it. When I started shooting, one of the first things I learned was the proper care and handling of firearms. Keep it clean, wipe it down, oil after use and be sure to lubricate before firing. Dry parts rubbing against each other are a bad thing. So, being told to not lubricate my gun was so against my grain it stopped me cold. I’m familiar with coatings for firearms, and those aren’t new, whether Teflon or other types of strong finishes. They all can limit corrosion, stop galling and improve performance. But now FailZero, a brand of UCT Arms, has a coating that does all that — and then they tell you “Do not grease your gun at all, period!” I was skeptical, so I read all the collateral material claiming their upgrade kit for AR-15 tactical rifles, and now the 1911, would make malfunctions and stoppage a thing of the past. Then, I twisted their arms until they sent me a Colt 1911 which had been coated with their EXO technology. But instead of just testing it myself, I brought in some real experts, members of the military, law enforcement and a professional shooter, to help with the “test.” I in almost three hours and true to the claim, we could not get it to fail — and I had to find out why. The EXO coating creates a permanent lubricated surface, harder than the original surface. The coating is 40-percent harder than hard chrome, eliminating the need for grease, oil or any wet lubrication for the life of the gun. Unlike other films, conventional coatings or applied lubricants, it never rubs off, never flakes off and never builds up dirt. I know that for a fact. I slipped my pinky finger inside the slide wiping for residue after we shot thousands of rounds and there was little to none. All I had to do was wipe it down with a dry rag, and I really didn’t even have to do that, but old habits die hard. EXO upgrade kits are available for the AR-15 and 1911. The AR-15 Basic Kit includes bolt, carrier and hammer. The AR-15 Extreme Duty Kit includes the upper receiver and charging handle in addition to bolt, carrier and hammer. For the 1911, the kit includes slide, receiver, trigger assembly, hammer and disconnector. All FailZero parts are mil-spec quality and will fit AR-rifles and 1911 pistols made my most manufacturers. and would be perfect for a Remington 1100, notorious for slowing down and eventually malfunctioning as it gets cruddy. Upgrading the parts to EXO would eliminate that problem. EXO is also being incorporated on OEM products from a cross-section of manufacturers. Cleaning and lubricating my guns has long been a part of my life and shooting routine. Now that FailZero is offering the greaseless upgrade on individual guns, changing a mindset might take some time. So, I had to write this review, because once in a while, something “so wrong” can sometimes be “so right.” Shari’s name may be new to you, but she’s a 12-year USA Shooting Team member, is a three time National Champion, a World Champion and has won many medals. She is a consultant and spokesperson to the shooting industry and was named “2001 Shooting Industry Person of the Year” by the Academy of Excellence. Shari is a staff writer with FMG. For more info: www.americanhandgunner. com/productindex * How-To Did It Work? We all met at the range and I brought an assortment of ammunition — a lot of ammo. I explained what the product was and what we were doing and said, “Just shoot, as many times as you can, until the gun malfunctions.” And shoot we did. Between the four of us we ran a little over 3,700 rounds through the gun You can either buy one of the kits or send your gun to their factory and have the entire gun coated. I sent one of my personal S&W 1911s to go through the process. When it came back I took it out for a “test,” and it shot and shot and shot. No stoppages, no malfunctions, but more importantly, there was no crud built up, no dirt and the gun required only minor cleaning. EXO is also available for shotguns WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM 63

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