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American Handgunner May/June 2010 - Page 36

CARRYOPTIONS Sammy Reese FROM CLASSICS TO CUTTING EDGE IN CARRY METHODS DeSantiS Duke used to keep a .45-70 in the loops to let him know when he only had a few rounds left. But you have to admit, that lineup of .45 Colt loads is impressive. Thanks Corie (Mrs. Sammy), we’d rather you model than Sammy anyday! CentennIal holster set f you are a frequent reader of my column, you already know my passion for holsters and guns started long before I ever shot my first real gun. I wrote previously about how my brother and I modified our holsters into shoulder rigs. What I didn’t cover was the holsters were from our cap gun western holster setups. We went through literally hundreds of single action cap guns and holsters over the years. Truth is I’m a frustrated cowboy. I say frustrated because I don’t live on my dream ranch — yet. Luckily my daughter Hannah loves horses and I get to spend time with her at the ranch where she rides. You should have seen her smile when I surprised her and rode into the arena during one of her lessons. Mini-Reese Ms. Hannah, “Dad, I didn’t know you could really ride — shows off DeSantis’ rig that’s so cool.” honoring John Wayne. “But it doesn’t fit, dad!” John Wayne toting iRon I Wheel Gun Jones T he last few years I’ve broadened my expertise to include wheel guns. It took some prodding from Roy and Clint to open my eyes to that world. Now that they’re open, I’m a full blown wheel gun junkie — I can’t get enough. It started with double action revolvers which lead to single actions. Adding single action revolvers to my arsenal meant I needed a SA rig. My search yielded some astounding holster makers who make some amazing rigs. The one that caught my eye was made by DeSantis — The John Wayne Centennial Holster Set. My dad was a huge fan of the “Duke,” so much so his nickname for my brother was Duke. I still call him Duke and my wife calls him brother Duke and my kids even call him Uncle Duke. @ he John Wayne Centennial Holster Set arrived in a not so standard cardboard box. The presentation box is embossed with the photo of the Duke as many of us remember him — on horseback. The belt and holster were wrapped in tissue paper like they were fine china. As I carefully unwrapped the holster and belt, I found myself at a loss for words. For those of you who know me, you know it’s a very rare occasion I’m speechless. You will also be shocked at the not so cowboyish choice of word I chose to describe the belt and holster — exquisite. Yes, I said exquisite. The buckle was as shiny as the bumper on a Silver Wraith Rolls Royce, and the leather was perfect, like the face of a newborn baby. The stitching was covered and aligned like the silent drill team at 8th and I — perfect in every detail. A platoon of Marine Drill Instructors couldn’t find a flaw if they had all day to inspect it. The folks at DeSantis made this set even more unique in that the belts are serialized from 0001 to 3500 and come with a certificate of registration. The holster has John Wayne’s signature as well as the 100th anniversary logo embossed on it. The first time I put the belt and holster on, I could hear the spurs jingling in my ears as I walked to the barn to head out for a ride. I thought of the times my brother and I headed out to ride the range — on our bikes — complete with sixguns in western rigs. If you own a SA revolver it deserves to be toted around in a rig like this. I look forward to taking my first ride on my someday-ranch, wearing this rig carrying my favorite .45 Colt. Happy trails. t * For more info: www.americanhandgunner. com/productindex WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MAY/JUNE2010 36

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