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American Handgunner May/June 2010 - Page 26

WINNINGEDGE Dave Anderson SOLID ADVICE TO KEEP YOU AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION Here’s the magic, and it’s easy to see. Red dot on target — and squeeze. Sight window is a coated acrylic, very strong and light. ? HuH t? WH a Red Dot S Concealed Carry Glock 22 with JPoint sight is perfectly practical for concealed carry. Holster is an inside-the-waistband model from the Leather Arsenal. hooting a handgun well requires learning two basic skills, and then coordinating the two. The two skills are trigger control and sight alignment. Generally it takes thousands of repetitions to learn a physical skill. In the case of trigger control I’d say it takes hundreds of thousands of repetitions to get really good. Fortunately it can be done by dry-fire which costs nothing but time. Other than a good quality, consistent trigger there really isn’t any technology at present to replace hard work and repetition in learning trigger control. Sight alignment in some ways can be more difficult to learn, especially when we are trying to balance speed and accuracy. The sight picture for a five-yard shot is very different from the sight picture for a precision 50-yard shot. We need to learn to recognize an acceptable sight picture, which varies constantly as the difficulty of the shot changes. It’s human nature to look for tools and technology to make things easier. But there are tools to make the difficult task of “sight picture” easier. Years of competition — and now, years of practical experience — have conclusively shown the superiority of red dot sights over iron sights. I’m not saying a good shooter using iron sights can’t beat an average shooter using dot sights. Certainly he can, and once in a while he can even beat a shooter of equal skill. But dot sights are better and faster. yards the first time he ever fired a gun with a dot sight. There’s no mystery why this is so. With dot sights there’s no need to align three objects (rear sight, front sight and target) all at different ranges. Just place the dot on target and make the good trigger break you’ve worked so hard to develop. There are red dot sights available which are compact, reliable and tough enough for personal defense handguns. Actually they have been available for quite some time. In the Sept/Oct 2000 Handgunner I wrote about a police officer friend, Steve Kukowski, who had fitted a Tasco Optima sight on his Glock 26 and was using it as his duty gun. Steve is still carrying the same gun and sight to this day. During a decade of use the sight has never given a minute’s trouble. He tries to remember to change batteries annually but forgot once, and had the same battery installed for over two years. It still worked fine. Incidentally, if the battery should go dead, the sight window can serve as a “ghost ring” sight. With my sight I can still see the top of the front sight. t the USPSA Nationals, where top shooters can sometimes compete in both iron sight and open divisions, scores with dot sights are invariably higher, usually by a significant amount. That’s for top shooters. Among novice and average shooters the difference is even greater. Usually the difference is dramatic. I recall a friend, not a particularly skilled handgunner, consistently hitting 8" plates at 40 PrOOf A JPoinT SighT T 26 not in use to minimize battery drain. Windage and elevation are set with Allen head screws. I thought I would run out of elevation adjustment before getting sighted, but fortunately there was just he Optima was discontinued long ago. enough. If more elevation adjustment Fortunately today we have the excelis needed, JP offers thin plastic shims The JPoint sight adds almost no lent JPoint sight, from JP Enterprises, tapered at a one-degree angle to fit weight and only moderate bulk to makers of fine custom AR rifles and between sight and base. the Glock 22 on right. Pistol on left accessories. I fitted the JPoint on my Glock Dot size is 8-MOA and is very bright, is an earlier model 22. 22 using a JP base adapter. Mounting was easily visible even in full daylight. A fast and simple. Tap out the rear sight using 4-MOA dot is also available for those a brass drift and plastic mallet, tap the adapter in place, center wanting a more precise aiming point, but on a personal it and secure with an Allen head screw. Then fit the battery to defense gun I definitely prefer the bigger dot. the sight and attach sight to the base with two screws. Bases for The sight can be ordered from the JP Web site. I bought several popular autopistols and S&W revolvers are available. mine from Brownells since I was already placing an order and With its nylon body and acrylic sight window the sight I was in a hurry. You know how it is with Brownells; order via is practically weightless, yet very tough. There’s no on-off the Internet, have a coffee and the package is at the switch either, just put the sight cover on when the gun is door. Okay, I exaggerate slightly, but not by much! * WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MAY/JUNE2010

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