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American Handgunner May/June 2010 - Page 64

Springfield’S xd SerieS een living under a rock? Don’t know anything about the XD series from Springfield Armory? Climb out from under that rock and pay attention. Without dredging up too much history, suffice to say when Springfield introduced the XD they did it right. From engineering improvements over the years (which continue today) to strong marketing, dealer support and customer service, the XD has risen to become a significant player in the consumer polymer pistol market. And, it’s making growing inroads into the LE duty gun arena too. The old adage about making a better mousetrap remains true, and Springfield has indeed made a better mousetrap. I thought another look at the ruggedly reliable XD platform was due, both to visit the hot sub-compact guns and to explore their latest — the new XD(m) 3.8. The 3.8 hones the XD(m) line, mostly by offering a new, shorter barrel and modified slide serrations that not only look great, but offer a more aggressive grip. B From Sub-Compact and 4" Service model to the XD(m) 3.8, the XD line continues to improve, grow and offer a wide range of possibilities. The Subs As years passed, the original “fullsized” XD shrank, eventually finding a nifty home in a sub-compact version with a 3" barrel, available in 9mm and .40. The 9mm has a 13+1 capacity, with the .40 running 9+1 (but both have higher cap mags included, 16 in 9mm and 12 in the .40), all in a package you can tuck away just about anywhere. Any dealer will tell you how popular small Lock the slide back, turn the take-down lever up and the slide comes off forward without having to pull the trigger on the 3.8. Galco supplied basic holsters for the Sub-Compacts and they worked just fine Note the double recoil spring and 19-round mag. The XD(m) 3.8 comes in a high quality case with holster, mag pouch, loader, two 10-round mags and replaceable back-strap panels to adjust grip-fit. 64 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MAY/JUNE2010

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