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American Handgunner May/June 2010 - Page 46

UsPsAProductionclassopenedpractical shootingcompetitiontoanyonewitha qualityduty-stylepistolandpractical holster.Anyofthesewouldworkgreat. Clockwisefromtopleft:springfieldXD inasafarilandpaddleholster; Beretta92DinaBlACKHAWK! serpaholster;Glock22inan UncleMike’spaddleholster;sIG 220inaBlACKHAWK!holster andaPara-Ordnance1911in aBladeTechholster.Timersareby CompetitionElectronics. Competition Gear UpDate Dave anderson ompetition in any arena makes things better. It’s the way of the world. Competition among shooters makes for better shooters and competition among manufacturers makes better products. I don’t know what percentage of handgun owners ever fires a shot in competition, but the number cannot be very high. Cost may be one factor, which is why I am so enthusiastic about IDPA and USPSA Production division. It’s perfectly possible to compete and win, even at a national level, with equipment no fancier than what many handgunners carry every day. Some handgunners may be nervous or reluctant to try competition, worried about being embarrassed. To those I say stop worrying and give it a try. Organizations such as IDPA and USPSA want you as a member and are very knowledgeable about helping new shooters get started. With the classification system, regardless of skill level, you compete with others of similar skill level. C S hooter r eady? 46 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MAY/JUNE2010

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