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American Handgunner May/June 2010 - Page 34

TAFFINTESTS was the same age as my youngest grandson is now when I first started hooting the 1911 using a $15 military surplus .45 that was loose as the proverbial goose. We’ve come a long way from the belief military .45s couldn’t hit the proverbial barn from the inside, which of course was always nonsense. Today’s .45s are precise instruments, especially those turned out by Luke Volkmann — I know they can outshoot me. The Volkmann Commander-sized Combatant Carry 1911 is designed to make it the fighting handgun. Today we have many chopped and channeled 1911s with barrels as short as 3". I have a couple from two different manufacturers which have always been reliable; however there seems to be some that are not, and many argue the 41/4" barrel is the shortest possible for total reliability. The little guns may be easier to conceal — but not at the price of reliability. In addition to the Commander-sized shorter barrel, the Combatant Carry features the Bobtail mainspring housing pioneered by Ed Brown. I’ve often seen pictures of 1911s with this feature and thought it looked rather strange. I realized it made concealment easier as it eliminated any sharp edges which could print on a shirt or light jacket; what I did not realize was how comfortable it would feel in my hand. Whether a 1911 is equipped with an arched or flat mainspring housing, I can always feel a sharp edge in the bottom of my palm. With the Bobcat grip frame this is hardly noticeable. The Volkmann Custom Signature The Volkmann Combatant Carry and the Signature Series proved to be exceptionally accurate. Series 1911 is a full-sized 1911 offering custom craftsmanship and performance. Luke Volkmann I The 1911s of John Taffin THE SIXGUNNER HIMSELF: GUNS, GEAR AND MORE Fit and finish are peerless on the Volkmann Custom Signature Series 1911. Classy workmanship! Good leather by Elmer McEvoy of the Leather Arsenal. Luke Volkmann offers this custom hard case to fit any 1911. Fit is customizable. FixeD a 34 s I think back to the first 1911 I ever had I remember three things: a heavy trigger pull, getting bit by the hammer and sights which were hard to see with even my then young eyes. All of these problems are addressed with FoibleS Volkmann Custom 1911s. I can live with a heavy trigger pull, however good sights are absolutely mandatory and the sights on the Combatant Carry are excellent. On the Combatant Carry both front and rear sights are set in dovetail slots making them adjustable for windage. They are also very easy to see, consisting of a square notch rear sight with two Trijicon white dots matched up with a square post front sight which also contains a Trijicon white dot. The white dots literally glow in the dark, and I have also discovered recently the white dots show up for me much clearer in bright sunlight than plain black sights. Any self defense pistol must be totally reliable and the Combatant Carry proved to be 100-percent, probably aided by the fact the ejection port has been lowered and flared and matched up with a hardened and tuned extractor. The Combatant Carry features a thumb safety with an extended Continued on page 99 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MAY/JUNE2010

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