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American Handgunner May/June 2010 - Page 103

AMERICAN HANDGUNNER AMMUNITION APPAREL THE BELTMAN makes sturdy, top quality, DUAL LAYER, Bull Hide belts for dress wear, concealed carry, or competition. Options include: Horse, Shark, Elephant, Velcro, tapering, stiffeners, etc. Handmade in three widths, and five colors from $69.95, any length! Catalogue - $3.00 (refundable) PO Box 1302, Apex, NC 27502. 919-387-1997. www. CLASSIFIED bleed Classifiedads$2.00per-wordperinsertion.($1.50per-wordperinsertionfor3ormore)includingname,addressandphonenumber(20 wordminimum).Minimumcharge$40.00.Bold words add $1.00 per word.CopyandrerunordersmustbeaccompaniedbyPayMENT iN advaNCE. NO aGENCy OR CaSH diSCOuNTS ON LiSTiNG OR diSPLay CLaSSiFiEd advERTiSiNG.Alladsmust bereceivedwithadvancepaymentBYNOlATERTHANTHE1stofeachmonth.Adsreceivedafterclosingwillappearinthefollowingissue. Pleasetypeorprintclearly.PLEaSE NOTE*** NO PROOFS wiLL BE FuRNiSHEd.Includename,address,postoffice,city,stateand zipcodeascountedwords.Abbreviationscountasonewordeach.MailtoamerICan handgunnerClAssIfIEDs,12345WorldTradeDrive, sanDiego,California92128.NOTE: wE NOw HavE diSPLay CLaSSiFiEd adS iN BOTH gunS mAgAZine aNd AmericAn 2/25/08 7:16 AM Page 1 HAndgunner. aSK FOR OuR NEw RaTE CaRd, Or call (858) 605-0235. FOR SALE MacKENZIE VALLEY TIMBERWOLVES 1/2 wolf-1/2 shep. cubs bred for protection, or 3/4 and up cubs. Have a true friend. own a wolf-shepherd. Brochure with 20 photos-$5.00 CHARLES DYSART, JR. BOX 597 Henrietta, NC 28076 (828) 657-6220 or Cell: 828-429-0053 Wolf-Shepherd Male, 160 lbs. ACCESSORIES GUNS FOR SALE GUNSMITHING “Idiot Scratch” Prevention Tool (ISPT) 1911-ISPT. com. Don’t let an idiot scratch detract from your 1911’s beauty (or value!). The ISPT is precision diecut to protect your 1911’s finish during disassembly and reassembly. Several models available. Visit us on the web at LEATHERCRAFT ACCESSORIES English Fitted Pistol Presentation Cases. Luger, Colt, SAA, NAMBU, Python, Hi Power, and more. website: email: sales@ Dysarts.indd 1 MISCELLANEOUS WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM 103

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