American Handgunner March/April 2013 Digital Edition - Page 78

gun RightS alan Korwin Should Political RefugeeS Be aRmed? ameRica haS Plenty of them hen a ruthless dictator seizes control of the power structure at some backwater nation in a dark corner of the planet, people tend to flee. They pack up their meager belongings, focusing on food, water, clothes and life’s necessities, and take to bomb-pocked roads, seeking safe haven. Rarely are they armed, leaving them potential victims to thugs along the way, or the new thugs running their government. It seems impossible for that to happen in our great nation, but increasingly, people are fearful it could occur. Certainly, American Indians faced it. Preppers, people who plan and prepare for catastrophe, with escape routes memorized, are increasing in number. Even mainstream TV is starting to sport ads for long shelf life food packages, “victory farm” seed assortments and other survival gear that used to be the bailiwick of deepend tin-hat survivalists. Hey, having at least some bottled water, flashlights, canned goods and a battery-powered radio is a basic requirement for any sensible person living in the world today. But I’m concerned here with a softer type of refugee. I’m concerned with increasing migration within the US, of people moving away from where their right to keep and bear arms is seriously infringed, to a place where that precious right is held in high esteem and well protected. I’m talking about armed political refugees within America. We have a supply of them here in Arizona. People who are proud to have left behind the highly repressive regimes in their home states for the relatively free air of constitutional carry in the Grand Canyon State. My good friend Charles Heller, formerly of Chicago, where even getting a firearm is a bureaucratic entanglement defying freedom, arrived here knowing and proclaiming he was a political refugee. That had an impact on me. And he has had a significant impact on Arizona. Arizona is arguably the gun friendliest state in the Union. Ultimately, this is about federalism, that brilliant idea of the Founders to make us subject to two sets of law instead of one. By being a citizen of both the nation and the state you are in, you have choice. Your feet can vote. Continued on page 105 W GREEn lASER SiGHTS GREE SEE MORE GEAR AT viRidi idiAnGREEnlASER nl nlASER .cOM viRidiAnGREEnlASER.cOM OR cAll cAll 800-990-9390 78 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MARCH/APRIL2013

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