American Handgunner March/April 2013 Digital Edition - Page 74

Ammunition suresHootin’, HArdHittin’ HAndGun Ammo JoHn connor i don’t care if you’re shooting at paper or steel, bull elk, bear, Buicks or bad guys, there’s ammo out there purpose-built to meet your needs. I suspect many of you are like me, in that I’m not real picky about bulk blastin’ ammo, but I carefully select ammo for specific applications like in-home defense — and “second best” just doesn’t cut it. But you don’t have to settle for second best, ya lucky dog, not with all these great choices! What’s an ammo company to do when they’ve already got a handful of the top defensive handgun rounds in the industry? Make another one, of course! Hornady’s Critical Defense loads usenickelcasesandlow-flashpropellantsdesignedtodelivermaximum velocityevenfromshortbarrels,toppedoffwithFtXslugs.thepolymer insertisrigidenoughitwon’tclog-upwhenpenetratingheavyclothing, but soft enough to deliver extreme terminal performance when it hits softtissue.Nowavailablein.380,.38Specialand9mm,it’smadespecificallytomeettheneedsofconcealed-carryshooters. 5 7 1 2 Here’s another highly-engineered slug loaded by a company whosenamesays“reliability”oftheutter-and-absolutevariety: BlackHillsisnowstuffingdeephollowpoint100percentcopper Barnes tac-XP bullets in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP rounds. tac-XP’s maintain original weight and track straightthroughbarrierslikecardoors, plywood and windshield glass, making thematopchoicefor bothlawenforcement andyoutoo. Got a kel-tec P M R - 3 0 , a S&W Model 351 PD, or a Ruger New Model “Single-Nine” you might needtostopsomethin’biggerthanabunnywith?thenew WinchesterPDX1Defender22in.22WMRisdesignedforoptimalpenetration and maximum expansion. the jacketed hollowpoint 40-gr. slug leaps out at 1,295fpsfroma4"barrel,combiningzipwithpunch! 3 4 3 1 74 Lookingforadeeppenetrating,reliablyexpanding.460S&Wloadfor elk,mooseandbigbear?BuffaloBorehastheroundforyou,aBuffalo Barnesloadedwiththe275-gr.solidcopperBarnesXPslug.Exitingthe muzzleat2,200fps,thisflyin’sledgehammerdoesn’tdropunderMach1for 380yards!theBuffaloBarnesboxreads“StrictlyBusiness,”andthisroundgets thebusinessdone. WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MARCH/APRIL2013

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