American Handgunner March/April 2013 Digital Edition - Page 72

WORLD BEATER BLADEs esee KNIves PHotos: cHUcK PIttMAN INc. PAt covert t 72 here is no substitute for experience.” Nowhere is this truism more critical to the welfare of our nation than in the fight against the evil forces the world dishes out. In the case of ESEE Knives they’ve walked the walk, from taking down drug lords in the jungles of Peru to fighting enemy soldiers in the hot sands of the Middle East. While testing and expert experience are a given among most knife manufacturers, very few can match the hard earned pedigree from which ESEE Knives were borne. Jeff Randall — survivalist, adventurist, instructor and entrepreneur — and longtime business partner Mike Perrin are the brains and sweat behind TransEquatorial Solutions, Inc., the parent company to ESEE Knives and Randall’s Adventure and Training. Jeff tells Handgunner, “Randall’s Adventure & Training was started in 1997 as a jungle survival school for individuals, pilots and military personnel needing specific terrain/environment training. During that period we signed a contract with the Peruvian military to run our students through their special operations jungle survival course. After that contract ended we continued with our school using Peruvian Special Forces and American instructors teaching WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MARCH/APRIL2013

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