American Handgunner March/April 2013 Digital Edition - Page 66

Les Baer’s hot new .38 Super Stinger model offers a commander-sized slide (called the commanche) mated with a short, Officer’s Acpsized frame — it’s accurate, reliable and hard-hitting! Belts by Andrews custom Leather. s s P u i t r e ! r e8 g3 N Les BAer cUstoM roy HUNtINGtoN even, correct wear on the barrel shows the bushing is fitted well. this view is after our testing, firing a bit over 500 rounds total. ’ve enjoyed being in this great industry for over 30 years now, and one of the best things about it are the people involved. Sure, the guns and gear are fun, but it’s the people who make it animated. To say I’ve met some colorful characters is to sorely understate things, but that’s what keeps us all coming back for more. A new gun is just a hunk of metal, plastic and wood. But combine it with the designers, manufacturers, marketers and legions of others involved — and suddenly everything becomes much, much more interesting. Among my very favorite characters (Yeah, that’s right Les, you’re a certified character …) is Les Baer. Les is an irascible, talented force to be reckoned with, possessing unquenchable drive for quality that, simply put — can’t be stopped by anything. That drive for quality shows in the Les Baer Custom lineup of products. Something of note is the fact if you bought two Baer 1911s of the exact same model, you’d end up I 66 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MARCH/APRIL2013

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